Periodontal Medicine-Oral Systemic Interrelation

Periodontal Medicine-Oral Systemic Interrelation Periodontal Medicine Introduction For decades, physicians and dentists have  paid close attention to their own respective  fields, specializing in medicine pertaining to  the body and the oral cavity, respectively. However, recent findings have strongly  suggested that oral health may be indicative  of systemic health. Currently, this gap  between allopathic medicine and dental  medicine is quicklyRead more about Periodontal Medicine-Oral Systemic Interrelation[...] Read More

How to Cook with Less Salt

How to Cook with Less Salt Cook with Less Salt In earlier times, salt was used as a way of preserving food and preventing it from spoiling. It has also been used as a flavoring for many food dishes. But, salt can be detrimental to your health in large amounts. Here are some ways to cook well but with less saltRead more about How to Cook with Less Salt[...] Read More

How to Reduce Acne Scars

How to Reduce Acne Scars Acne Scars It is a part of the life of a teenager. But, when you outgrow your teenage years, you want the acne to go with it. Often, discolored scars are left behind. Here are some ways that you can reduce the scarring left behind by acne. Read More

Jump Rope Training for Weight Loss and Toning with Buddy Lee

Jump Rope Training for Weight Loss and Toning with Buddy Lee Where to buy: Have you tried jumping rope recently? As a child, jumping rope was effortless, we all just did it. Now, jumping rope is hard work and I can feel every jump. I am fairly fit, but rope jumping really gets your heart racing and your muscles in your legs screaming. But likeRead more about Jump Rope Training for Weight Loss and Toning with Buddy Lee[...] Read More

Deep Sleep Snoozing Tips

Deep Sleep Snoozing Tips Sleep Snoozing Sleep is an important part of the body’s repair cycle. If you are not getting the right type of sleep, then you may not be resting as you should. This can lead to increased stress and health issues like a lower immunity level. Here are some tips to help you snooze better. Read More

Why you should train legs

Why you should train legs If you are working out in a commercial gym you have probably seen a lot of people especially men rarely training their legs. They would train chest, shoulders, back, arms and abs 4-5 times a week and even if they do legs its more with leg extension machines. As a result you will see wellRead more about Why you should train legs[...] Read More

Compound Vs Isolation Exercises

Compound Vs Isolation Exercises Exercise Exercises can be classified either as compound, which are exercises that involve more than one muscle group, or isolation exercises, which are exercises that isolate a muscle group by concentrating on that one group of muscles. Read More


HAIR LOSS IN WOMEN Hair Loss A  woman’s self-worth is generally linked to her  physical appearance and any change in the volume and texture of scalp hair has a significant impact  on it.   50% of hair loss can occur before it becomes apparent, so subjective complaints should not be taken lightly by physicians.1   Women presenting with diffuse hair lossRead more about HAIR LOSS IN WOMEN[...] Read More