Antihistamines and Their Side Effects

Antihistamines and Their Side Effects Antihistamines and Their Side Effects In this article we’re going to discuss the possible dangers and side effects of antihistamines and what people should be aware of when taking antihistamines to treat their allergies. For the most part, antihistamines are safe. Having said that, antihistamines can have side effects which, if the antihistamine is notRead more about Antihistamines and Their Side Effects[...] Read More

Food Allergies

Food Allergies Food Allergies: You go out to the local pizza parlor, order two slices with extra cheese, sit down at the booth with your pizza in one hand and coke in the other and chow down. A few hours later after you’ve arrived back home just in time to watch your favorite TV show, suddenly yourRead more about Food Allergies[...] Read More

Allergies – Allergy Shots

Allergies – Allergy Shots Allergy Shots: A growing number of people who suffer from allergies and not finding the relief that they want from antihistamines are turning towards allergy shots to hopefully put an end to their dreaded sneezing, wheezing, itching and misery. So exactly what are allergy shots? Allergy shots actually contain a very small amount of whateverRead more about Allergies – Allergy Shots[...] Read More

Alcoholism Treatment Options

Alcoholism Treatment Options Alcoholism Treatments : Medications The classical use of medications for alcoholism is to encourage abstinence. Antabuse (also known as disulfiram), for instance, prevents the elimination of chemicals which cause severe discomfort when alcohol is ingested, effectively preventing the alcoholic from drinking in significant amounts while they take the medicine. Heavy drinking while on antabuse canRead more about Alcoholism Treatment Options[...] Read More

Adult Scoliosis

Adult Scoliosis Scoliosis: Adult Scoliosis is a spinal abnormality that occurs during adulthood, or is a continuation of the disease that was undiagnosed or ignored during childhood or adolescence. Adult Scoliosis is generally idiopathic, which means that its cause is unknown. However, several other types of Scoliosis also occur in adults. These include congenital curve, paralytic curve,Read more about Adult Scoliosis[...] Read More

Acromegaly: Overgrowth condition in humans

Acromegaly: Overgrowth condition in humans Acromegaly Any Chemical released from the Pituitary gland induces physical activities or changes in the body. Pituitary gland is an endocrine gland present in the brain. The release of chemical from the gland in a moderate quantity leads to correct growth of the human body. But if the release of the chemicals that induces theRead more about Acromegaly: Overgrowth condition in humans[...] Read More

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD): Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is usually identifiable in early stages of childhood. There are instances when the disorder continues until adulthood if treatment is not prompt or effective. This is known as Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (AADD). The impact of AADD is severe compared to ADD because as an adult, copingRead more about Adult Attention Deficit Disorder[...] Read More

Alcoholism Disease or Not?

Alcoholism Disease or Not? What is alcoholism? Alcoholism is a disease that affects the part of the brain that controls your feelings, the way you make decisions, and the way you act. People with alcoholism cannot control how much they drink. What causes alcoholism? Nobody knows what causes alcoholism. People with parents who have alcoholism have a greater chanceRead more about Alcoholism Disease or Not?[...] Read More