Common Mistakes People Make in Ramadan

Common Mistakes People Make in Ramadan With Ramadan just about here, HEALTH discloses some of the top mistakes many people make unknowingly in Ramadan and how to rectify these. Mistake 1: Not Eating Suhour Many of us just can’t stomach the thought of food so early in the morning and will skip Suhour altogether. However Suhour is a true representation of the spirit of Ramadan and if weRead more about Common Mistakes People Make in Ramadan[...] Read More


TAKING CHARITY TO A HIGHER LEVEL With Ramadan here, the spirit of charity and helping is in the air. Yet there are some who take charity to a higher level; Saher Shaikh in Dubai has made her charity “The Adopt-a-Camp Foundation” an intrinsic part of her life for the past decade. HEALTH met with Saher to learn more… What does charity mean to you personally?Read more about TAKING CHARITY TO A HIGHER LEVEL[...] Read More


MEET DUBAI’S BEAUTY PIONEERS With tremendous development in every aspect of life, under the leadership of the Ruler of Dubai, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai has flourished and carved a name for itself on the map of global greats. The beauty industry too is reaching greater heights with the huge array of servicesRead more about MEET DUBAI’S BEAUTY PIONEERS[...] Read More

Exam Time? Don’t Worry and Use Our Guide to Help

Exam Time? Don’t Worry and Use Our Guide to Help The books, the tuitions and the endless hours of studying; exam time can be highly stressful for both the students and the parents alike. Yet there are tactics and tips to help your son or daughter ease through their exams and help you to relax also. As HEALTH investigates. The Tips For Exam-Goers According to Dr. Valeria Risoli,Read more about Exam Time? Don’t Worry and Use Our Guide to Help[...] Read More

Adopt a Pet for Optimal Wellbeing

Adopt a Pet for Optimal Wellbeing Pets are an intrinsic part of many children’s lives and the child who learns to properly care for an animal will gain a valuable lesson in kindness and respect for living things. HEALTH takes a closer look. When a family decides they want to add an additional member to their unit in the form of a pet, there can be a myriad of benefits for the family,Read more about Adopt a Pet for Optimal Wellbeing[...] Read More

Taking Care of Your Nails

Taking Care of Your Nails While most of us strive to care for our nails with manicures and the occasional use of hand cream, HEALTH learns that nails can be an indicator of our overall health. Disease Square, round, long or short, changes in our nails, explains Dr. Nirmala Markandeya, Specialist Dermatologist, may be a manifestation of internal disease. “Due toRead more about Taking Care of Your Nails[...] Read More


WEIGHT LOSS THROUGH BARIATRIC PROCEDURES Gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery are the most common weight loss operations, accounting for about 80 percent of all weight loss surgeries worldwide. In gastric bypass surgery, the surgeon begins by separating the stomach into two parts; a large and a small part, and then sewing the small part of the stomach to make a pouch. Next, the surgeon disconnects the new, small stomach pouch fromRead more about WEIGHT LOSS THROUGH BARIATRIC PROCEDURES[...] Read More


THE YOGIC APPROACH TO ARTHRITIS While arthritis is potentially debilitating, according to esteemed yoga expert Sanjeev Krishnen, in the science of yoga arthritis is not considered to be a disease in itself, but rather as one symptom of a widespread metabolic and pranic malfunction which begins early in a person’s life. HEALTH learns more… What is Arthritis? Arthritis is inflammation of the synovial joints of theRead more about THE YOGIC APPROACH TO ARTHRITIS[...] Read More

Beauty the Natural Way

Beauty the Natural Way From natural ingredients to Ayurvedic principles in skincare products, beauty is now embracing nature in a big way. HEALTH speaks to experts about some of the latest trends… BEAUTY THE NATURAL WAY Organic Benefits For a brand to be considered truly organic, Sallyann Simmons, Dr. Hauschka brand Manager, explains it must have certification with the “BDIH” seal for certified natural cosmetics and the international quality seal for natural and organic cosmetics “NATRUE”. AccordingRead more about Beauty the Natural Way[...] Read More

Getting a New Lease On Life…

Getting a New Lease On Life… Life rarely gives us a second chance, however in the case of a newborn baby boy recently born at Ajman’s GMC Hospital, a dedicated team worked diligently to correct his extremely rare condition and put him on the road to recovery. HEALTH met with the medical team who made it happen… The Condition A synergistic pediatric team comprising of Consultant PediatricRead more about Getting a New Lease On Life…[...] Read More