Ways to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

holidays As the summer holidays are slowly coming to an end, many people might find themselves coming back from a holiday only to realize that getting back into routine brings the unwelcomed feeling of being ‘stuck’. HEALTH speaks to Sophia Fromell, Executive Coach and Founder of ITHACA LIFE who shares her advice on beating the holiday blues. Plan the return While spending time preparing for a departure and startingRead more about Ways to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues[...] Read More

Tips to Avoid Obesity and Diabetes

health-tips As diabetes and obesity are the top killer diseases in UAE, Dubai-based fitness guru, model and TV presenter Rania Gamal provides HEALTH with six healthy tips to help lead a healthier lifestyle. Tip 1: Surround yourself with good influencers For a starter, it would be easier to find the road to fitness if you surround yourself with people who encourage you to be fitRead more about Tips to Avoid Obesity and Diabetes[...] Read More

Medical Tourism Boosts High Quality Healthcare for Children

medical-tourism In this day and age, consumers want the absolute best: the best products, the best services and even the best health care. Because of that, an increasing number of families are packing their bags and heading abroad to receive leading-edge, high-quality medical treatments, not just for themselves, but their children. HEALTH learns more…. Cook Children’s Health Care System, a not-for-profit, pediatric health care organization based in Fort Worth, Texas, is working to share itsRead more about Medical Tourism Boosts High Quality Healthcare for Children[...] Read More

Sleep your Way to better Health

sleep Lack of sleep can leave us feeling disoriented and sluggish; however, did you know that sleep is actually directly linked to your wellbeing? HEALTH takes a closer look. What it Means With today’s increased levels of stress and anxiety, is it any wonder that many of us are not getting enough sleep? According to Dr. Ajaz Yasmeen, Specialist Internal Medicine, chronicRead more about Sleep your Way to better Health[...] Read More

Understanding Metastatic Breast Cancer

breast-cancer Most of us are aware of the latest breast cancer screenings and public campaigns aimed towards promoting breast cancer awareness to the public. However, HEALTH learns about the less known side of advanced breast cancer or Metastatic Breast Cancer (mBC) and its impact on the women suffering from it. Explained mBC is the most advanced stage of breast cancer and is basicallyRead more about Understanding Metastatic Breast Cancer[...] Read More

The Telomere Test: A Measure Of Our True Biological Age

TELOMERE What Are Telomeres and Why Are They Important Telomeres are the ends of chromosomes, which have an essential role in protecting their integrity in the process of cellular replication. One common analogy is that they are like the plastic caps at the end of shoelaces which keep the laces from unraveling. Telomeres are formed by repeats of a concrete, repetitive DNA sequence, along with associated proteins. The function of telomeres is to protect chromosome ends from chromosome fusions and degradation, therefore, ensuring the proper functionality and viabilityRead more about The Telomere Test: A Measure Of Our True Biological Age[...] Read More

Silent Heart Attack in Women

heart health Defined A silent heart attack, explains Specialist Cardiologist Dr.Sharada Sivaram, is a heart attack that actually happens without the person knowing. “In this situation, there are no obvious symptoms, such as pain in the chest, shortness of breath, and cold sweats, and in fact, 45 percent of all heart attack victims suffer what’s called a silent attack,” she says. Misdiagnosis According to Dr. Sharada, women haveRead more about Silent Heart Attack in Women[...] Read More

5 Easy Ways for Men to Get Perfect Skin

5 Easy Ways for Men to Get Perfect Skin Today’s men are taking care of themselves more than ever before. Health meets with Dr. Sunny Shaper, an international personal care expert who shares five key tips for men to have a fresh and clear complexion. 1. Use a Cleanser and Toner Get a gentle, fragrance-free facial cleanser – one that works for all skin types – and cleanse your face every day. TheRead more about 5 Easy Ways for Men to Get Perfect Skin[...] Read More

It’s Never Too Late To Start Taking Care Of Your Heart

It’s Never Too Late To Start Taking Care Of Your Heart With more and more people dying from heart attacks at younger ages than ever before, and with September 29th recognized as World Heart Day, HEALTH presents an in-depth guide to optimal heart health HEART ATTACKS IN YOUNGER AGE GROUPS Reasons These days, it is not uncommon to hear about younger people suffering from heart related issues. To further elaborate, Specialist and Head ofRead more about It’s Never Too Late To Start Taking Care Of Your Heart[...] Read More