Curb Your Ramadan Cravings

It happens to most of us—our fasting is going well and then suddenly we can’t get that cheeseburger out of our head. Here are some easy tips to reduce your cravings for unhealthy foods this Ramadan. Boost your intake of high-fiber foods and whole grains.

Five Travel Beauty Essentials

The season of vacationing is just around the corner and for many of us; this also means a whole new level of brainstorming– how to pack light, how to not rummage through your bags hopelessly every time you need something, how to glow and radiate

Making Lifestyle Changes in Ramadan

Although special Ramadan recipes are an important part of family tradition, many of those treasured favorites are rich, heavy in butter, oil, cream, or cheese. But the good news is that you don’t have to give up those old favorites, instead, just convert them into

You Are What You Eat

Our skin is the body’s largest organ, so how do we keep it young, healthy, and radiant? Genetics, aging, hormones, and conditions such as diabetes, unhealthful diet, stress, a lack of sleep, not enough exercise, dehydration, smoking, and particular medications can all impact the skin

Dates and Ramadan: The Siamese Twins

As the blessed month is here, Muslims all over the world have already stocked up on dates– a symbolic and unique pointer to the birth of the glorious month. For Muslims, it is a Prophetic practice (Sunnah) to open the fast with dates, but beyond

The Importance of Chilling out

When it comes down to chilling out, many of us either don’t have the time for it or don’t feel it’s important. Here are some easy ways to find a few moments to chill out and regroup for enhanced wellness. Pray or Meditate When you

Tips to Stay Hydrated in Ramadan

Most people take drinking water for granted and do not meet the adequate requirement of water consumption, which is especially true in Ramadan. It is extremely important to drink sufficient water during Suhoor and Iftar in order to replace the water that is lost from

Maintain Optimal Health this Ramadan

As tempting as all those Iftar goodies look on the table, staying aligned with the objective of fasting means eating healthy during both Iftar and Suhoor. Incorporate the following healthy habits from day one to start. A healthy Ramadan means an intake of a balanced

Natural Treatments for Acne

With surging hormones, stress, and peer pressure, skin can go haywire, irrespective of age. The unfortunate result is inflammation, skin eruptions, and acne. Here is some natural acne fighting ingredients to help. Note that the following oils must be diluted and should not be applied

Exams ahead? Don’t Stress, Do your Best, Forget the Rest…

For most children, and parents, the exam period is an extremely stressful and anxious time! Stress can reduce the efficiency of exam performance. As a parent, you can help your child stay cool during exam. All you need to do is prepare his body and