Factors that Trigger Infertility

It is a common misconception that women contribute more to infertility, but the fact is that studies show 40 percent of the infertility cases are actually caused by men, 40 percent by women, while the other 20 percent are based on combined causes. Infertility is

Eat Like a Pilot

Due to the nature of their profession, pilots have to be physically strong, fit, and mentally alert. They are frequent flyers and adjust themselves according to the weather and the lifestyles of various countries. To remain in excellent shape they have to take good care

Keep Your Teeth Stain-Free with these Tips

Let’s face it; no one wants discolored, stained teeth. The reality is that pigments from dark-colored drinks such as coffee, tea, and soda can become embedded in the cracks and ridges between the teeth and as a result, can cause permanent, yellowing stains. Here are

Why All Women Should be Eating Sprouted Brown Rice

With a sweeter flavor and less chewy texture than brown rice, eating sprouted brown rice is especially beneficial to women as it controls weight, promotes healthy skin, and boosts stamina and energy. Here are even more reasons why women should be including this in their

Easy Ways to Get Excited about Exercise

Lots of us get lazy during the summer when it comes to our workout routine. Try these motivating tips to help you get back in the mood to exercise. New Workout Gear Investing in a new workout top or shoes is a great way to

Three Reasons to Use Face Oil

Face oils are a huge trend and despite the wide assortment of natural face oils available out there, there are still many people who believe using oil on their face will cause a breakout of clogged pores. Here are some key reasons you need to

Lupus Defined : The Autoimmune Enigma

Have you been feeling unexplainably tired lately and running a low-grade fever on and off? No matter how many hours you spend in bed, you feel like you’ll never get enough rest to function properly. Has a strange never-seen-before butterfly-shaped rash emerged on your face

Cosmetic Dentistry : Change Your Life with Just a Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry is a wonderful method for getting that dream smile you have always wanted. A boon for people with stained chipped, crooked or deformed teeth, the process may involve dental operations like teeth whitening, laser whitening, and orthodontics. The common operations in cosmetic dentistry

Don’t Ignore High functioning Depression

We often hear stories from mothers complaining that they have become irritable with their children. Men who complain that going to work have become a torturous experience. Sometimes it can be a loss of interest in one’s appearance or the appearance of house. These symptoms

Is Your Make-up Affecting Your Fertility?

Most of us understand that the chemicals and other nasties in our food and environment can wreak havoc on our health. But what about the cosmetics we apply on a daily basis without giving much thought to? Read on to learn more. Phthalates Studies have