Understanding Endometriosis

Did you know that ‘Endometriosis’ is a health condition that affects almost 100,000 women in the UAE? It is a condition of equal opportunity that differentiates on no grounds. Defined Endometriosis is a condition where the tissue that serves as the lining of the uterus


Not all Bread is the Same

Bread has gotten a bad rap because eating carbohydrate-containing foods such as bread, temporarily raises blood sugar and insulin levels. People eating large amounts of foods with high glycemic indices have been reported to be at increased risk of type 2-diabetes. But not all bread


Essential Tips to Boost Fertility in Men and Women

Infertility to a large extent has been associated with women. However, studies indicate that almost 40 percent of the infertility cases are due to male factors, another 40 per cent due to female factors and 20 percent are a result of combined factors. Here are


Is Your Fitness Ruining Your Smile?

What is it an active person’s daily routine and lifestyle that leaves them at higher risk of erosion and decay? The following outlines the four common contributors to decay and erosion amongst athletes and how they can be prevented or reduced. 1 Sports and energy


Is Your Excess Weight Ruining Your Back?

Carrying around excess weight has many health consequences, ranging from type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure to osteoarthritis, and sleep apnea. It can also increase your risk of developing serious back, muscle, and joint pain. The extra kilos cause your pelvis to tilt forward,


DIY Fixes for Slow Laptops

Ever had issues with a slow-running laptop? Ever tried to save a document you were working on and had to wait a good few minutes for it to finish saving? Or maybe tried opening a new tab and had enough time to go make a


Productivity Hacks

Everyone loves to be in that certain flow where they are ticking off one task after the other from their list of things to do. Here’s how to make the most of your day. Pre-Planning • Before sleeping, write down the tasks you want to


Understanding the Science of Hair

Anyone who has lived in Dubai long enough will know that the expert stylists at Colourmasters Hair Salon truly understand women’s hair and take the science of hair coloring very seriously. I met with Hussain Mohamad, the salon manager, and senior stylist to help me


Six Ways to Get Rid of Your Bad Habits

A bad habit is a behavior people tend to repeat even though it brings frustration and dissatisfaction. It might be something you have performed over the years or a new attitude that you redo. Even though it might seem hard to change it, persistence and


Is Your Diet Affecting Your Skin?

Psoriasis, with its accompanying pain, soreness, itching and even burning, can often become unbearable. The good news is that low energy diets and vegetarian diets have helped psoriasis symptoms in some studies and diets supplemented with fish oil (or cod liver oil) have also shown