Café Bateel Takes Healthy Eating to a New Level

Mistakenly when I thought of Café Bateel, I thought about the high quality gourmet dates on offer. But the fact is Café Bateel is a gem of a gourmet café that serves up some of the healthiest and deliciously satisfying food. They invited us to try their 10th Anniversary menu, curated with organic and super foods.   Background Red, the branch manager at the


Why Oats Are So Good For you

Most of us are in a great rush to head out of the door early morning, often forgetting that breakfast is the main meal that can kick-start our energy levels. One of the easiest ways to do this is by consuming oats in any form. The following are


Selfie Culture and Instagram Posting: Keep these Rules in Mind

Rampant posting of selfies has made many women more conscious of their looks, physique, and image. Here are some rules to keep in mind to help maintain a balance, healthy body image, and self-confidence.  Set Boundaries for Yourself: Be intentional on how many selfies you will post per day or week, the number might be


Korean Beauty Takes the World by Storm

From BB creams to a 10-step approach to skincare, there is no doubt that that Korean beauty is taking over the beauty world by storm. Alfiya Saifuddin, Managing Director of Cosmetics and Beauty section at Fakhree Al Hindi group of companies (Exclusive Distributors of Missha in GCC) explains what gives Korean beauty its


The French Do It Best….The French Versailles Brunch at Brasserie Quartier

The Brasserie Quartier’s French Versailles Friday Brunch at St. Regis Dubai is magnificently indulgent and beautifully French, both in the food and the ambiance. Set in an expansive space with live entertainment, this brunch redefines French cooking.  There are lavish self-serve buffet sections—salads, cheeses, breads, and canapés, and also unique live-cooking stations while mains are pre-ordered from the menu.  There was a live-cooking foie gras section, one of


Five Tips to Help You Strive for Success

As we get closer to the end of the year, many of us are mentally preparing our resolutions for next year. Here are a few tips for success in the New Year.  Stop feeling guilty,bad, or remorseful about every little mistake you make. Instead use these as learning lessons for


Coping with Hardship

All of suffer hard knocks in life, but it’s really how you cope with the experience, learn from it, and move on that can make a world of difference to our emotional wellness. Coping skills are the tools a person has to cope with negative experiences

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Making Your Own Trends

Founded by Iraqi designer, Dubai based blogger, Hind Adib, HIND ADIB is a unisex brand focused on creating distinctive pieces for its clientele and each collection is designed with a purpose, a story, and an experience. She explains how shaking it up and infusing your own style is the way forward.  


4 Common Myths about Knee Pain

Take as much bed rest as possible in case your knee hurts, don’t run, jump or squat, keep on exercising your knee to make it stronger and the knee pain will automatically go away, use knee sleeves for running when your knee hurts or better


Eliminate Brain Fog: Maximize Your Mental Output

Do you forget a lot? Have problems with concentration and or clarity?  Or maybe you feel detached or depressed? You may have “brain fog”. There are many people suffering unnecessarily through it. It is as though they are walking through their days under a thick cloud. It can