Protecting Yourself from the Harsh Summer Sun

Dubai’s summers’ are notoriously hot, but there are some easy ways to manage the effects of the heat on your skin, as follows.

Keep it with You All the Time

Sunscreen is a blessing. It is the source of protection from that dangerous ultraviolet radiation or more specifically you can say, it secures you from UVA and UVB. Look for sunscreen whose SPF is minimum 30. Include that in your skin care routine and wear it on daily basis. For maximum efficiency, consider reapplying it after every few hours.

Cover Yourself, Completely

The most classic attire in Dubai is abaya. It is a symbol of Islamic culture and depicts some fascinating benefits. Try taking an umbrella with you whenever you go out for shopping or for visiting the graceful regions of this city. There another tip for skincare in UAE which demonstrates that you should wear clothes with full sleeves.

Fashion Accessories, Try to Love Them

Fashion might be a weird term for many of us, but it isn’t bad. Fashion allows you to look unique and somehow extraordinary. The best part is that you can use style for protection in Dubai. Consider wearing hats and sunglasses. These two magic accessories will provide you the shadow and hence your skin, more particularly your face, will stay protected from UV light.

Moisturizing is the Best

Moisturizing is not just a winter activity. It is also required in summers. Look for a product that is light and doesn’t make your skin oily.

Going Out At Daytime, Not a Good Idea

From 9AM to 5PM, that’s the time when sun shines to the brightest and UV light is strongest. Avoid going out during this time. If you are hungry, just order something online to eat. If you really want to go out, do wear sunscreen.

Eat Healthy for Sure

Healthy eating routine leads to healthy skin. If your diet comprises of fast food and unhealthy items, then your skin will definitely face the worse circumstances. Try adding walnuts, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, green tea, and fruits in your diet. You can also eat them as snacks while wandering in streets of Dubai. Especially, you need an intense skin care after 40.

(Written by: Kiezer Xavier, blogger)