The Secret to Men Aging Gracefully

When it comes to good health, it’s a well-known fact that men are less likely to visit the doctor than women when they start to feel unwell. They often believe their symptoms will go away, or aren’t that serious, and they’re far too busy to go to the doctor. Work stress, family responsibilities, lifestyle habits, and diet can all play their part in contributing to ill health among men.

Professor Jacques Proust, founder of the Center for the Prevention of Aging at Nescens Clinique de Genolier said, “Life-threatening conditions can increase exponentially with age and through the early detection and subsequent treatment to their symptoms we can positively impact the ageing process in men.” He adds, “Genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors continue to affect us throughout our lives, however, some of the damage can be counteracted if action is taken before it becomes detrimental.”

It is very significant to regularly conduct medical tests for early detection of diseases, particularly since there are diseases that affect men only, such as prostate cancer, and can be treated through early diagnosis. Laboratory tests can reveal the early occurrence of diseases, making it easier to obtain appropriate treatment.

Encouraging men of all ages to seek regular check-ups vastly increases their chances of living long, healthy lives. People, who are personally responsible for their health, actively reduce unnecessary risks and who are always striving to improve their quality of life are essentially practicing the art of wellness, something we should all be working towards.