A Checklist for Beating Childhood Obesity

Bombarded with the temptation of eating beyond the expected calorie intake as well as the availability of fast foods, carbonated drinks, and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, kids nowadays are battling obesity at an alarming rate. Here is a checklist to help.

☑ Teach your children the benefits of nutritional foods from an early age. Introduce them to a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.

☑ Establish a routine for your child’s diet because a child’s metabolism is regulated by his/her biological clock and works to its maximum potential when it is being regulated normally.

☑ A nutritious breakfast plays a major role in routine because it helps children to a good start.

☑ Involve children in selecting meals in order to teach positive decision-making skills when it comes to choosing the right foods.

☑ Limit the amount of time your kids spend online and instead, find a sport or game that your child is interested in.

☑ Allow your child to play freely for at least 45 minutes a day.

☑ Proper portions are important in order to avoid overconsumption. If children are given too much food, then they will most likely eat more than they need to.