A Dangerous Trend…Pregorexia

Pregorexia is similar to anorexia, but occurs during and after pregnancy. In fact, some women have been struggling with disordered eating before conception and these symptoms have continued into pregnancy.

Why Dieting Can Be Harmful

  • Due to a restrictive diet, an unborn baby might not receive the right amounts of protein, vitamin and minerals. This can affect and breakdown a pregnant woman’s stored fat, which may lead to the production of ketones. These are found in the mother’s blood and urine and are a sign of starvation and constant production of ketones may result in a mentally slow child.
  • Calcium deficiency leads to osteoporosis and a lack of folic acid and the B complex group from dairy products and green leafy vegetables may lead to neural tube defects in an unborn child.
  • Constantly restricting one’s diet during pregnancy can take a toll on the women’s body also with later health complications including compromised dental heath, bone health, and other issues.