A Healthier Next Generation

Given the hectic schedules and urban environment, eating out, junk or packed and processed food has become a way of life. Unfortunately they are unaware that these foods are stacked with unrequired sugar, salt, synthetic colors, and preservatives. Research shows that, in the 16 to 20 year old category, one in six ate fast food at least twice a day and one in eight among 21 to 34 year olds eating as frequently. This has led to the rise of obesity and other health related issues in recent times. Here are some easy to apply healthy eating hacks for the youth.

Carry a mix of nuts and seeds: A mix of nuts and seeds is the most energizing, filling and nutritious choice which is convenient to carry and does not require any preparation. Carry a mix of nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts and pistachios along with seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds. These nuts and seeds have high nutrient contents that are good for health.

Try a Smoothie: Replace packed juices and other beverages with a smoothie. The benefits of consuming raw fruits and vegetables are many. It provides the body with its nutritional need which is vital for its functioning.

Replace carb rich food: Replace carb rich staple foods like wheat and rice by opting for foods like quinoa and sprouted brown rice. Not only are these substitutes a healthier option but also lighter on the stomach and easier to digest.

Granola bars: A homemade granola is not only cost effective but also a lot healthier than the kind you buy over the counter. You can make some really delicious granolas and energy bars using ingredients like quinoa, chia seed, flax seeds and nuts.

(Credit: India Gate)