A New North Indian Brunch Has Arrived…

Bukhara is a well-known name in India and recently, the Ajman Hotel branch of this famed eatery launched its summer brunch at Bukhara. With a penchant for spicy, North Indian food, we went to sample some of the special dishes on offer. Here’s how it went.

Bukhara is done up completely in a North Indian/Mughali style with stone walls, hanging copper pots, and dimmed lighting. Chef Gagandeep and his team can be seen preparing succulent kebabs and freshly baked breads while the brunch dishes are laid out in self-serve, buffet style. We began with juices and a refreshing rose lassi (a yogurt drink). The salads section is also a customize your own chaat section which means there were crispy shells for scooping in the spicy potatoes and chick peas mixture (paani puri), to be eaten with the accompanying tamarind and mint chutneys. There were also fried savory dumplings to be dunked into the fresh yogurt and topped with chopped onions, tomatoes, chili, and chutneys (dahi bara.)

From the main buffet side, we began with some chicken biryani and Daal Bukhara, a spiced, creamy concoction of lentils that was mildly smoked to bring out the flavors. The Prawns Masala was next and this we enjoyed with the never-ending supply of fresh breads served at the table: plain naan, garlic, and butter. There was also a Paneer Makhani that went fabulously with the Aloo Zeera (potatoes and cumin seeds).

The best part was the freshly prepared kebabs which were brought to the table; first the vegetarian options with a grilled mint paneer, marinated cauliflower, and a spicy potato rounds. The innate carnivore in me, however, sought out the meat options and we really loved the Afghani styled chicken drumsticks, fish, and the classic Shami kebabs which were melt-in-your-mouth soft.

Yes, and despite being full from all of this rich food, we still had room for sweet treats. I enjoyed the Kalakhand, a creamy, pop-in-the-mouth morsel of sweetness as well as the Ras Malai, which were milk dumplings in a saffron milky syrup. The other options included fresh fruit, chocolate cake, as well as the gulab jamuns and boondi ke ladoo.

The Verdict: Bukhara certainly lives up to its stellar name and is a nice place to spend an afternoon feasting on traditional Mughlai dishes. The best part is here the food is perfectly spiced without being overpowering or heavy.

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