Back-to-School Health Tips for Parents

Schools are just about to re-open and with that come the early morning’s routines and hectic school days with homework and activities. Yet amidst all of this, parents need to pay special attention to their children’s health and it is important to keep their bodies strong to take on the academic challenges ahead.

Tips for moms

1. Make sure your kids eat a good breakfast in the morning. At night, you can prepare in advance clean wholesome foods that kids will enjoy eating such as overnight oats with fresh milk and blueberries.

2. Have a family bonding time during dinner to help kids talk about or share their adventures for the day and make them feel special. Keep all their gadgets away during this precious time.

3. Dedicate some time to help them with their homework/assignments and help them prepare for the next day’s activities.

4. Ensure your kids sleep at the same time every evening and are fully aware of their routine at night as well as in the morning. This will help make sure you’re

your kids are alert and fresh during school lessons and also while they are at home afterschool.