Banish Summer Breakouts Fast with These Tips

Often summer time means oily skin and breakouts. But with the following tips, you can have flawless skin all year long.

Drinks lots of water: A no-brainer, but often very overlooked; bump up your hydration quotient with lots of water. If you can’t stomach plain water, add fruit to make your own infused waters.

Keep a spot treatment on hand: Tea-tree oil is easy to pack into your travel essentials and contains anti-inflammatory and ant-bacterial properties. Dab a little on a soaked cotton pad on the inflammation to take away any angry redness. If in need to something a little more industrial to zip that zit, carry a skin care travel friendly device that includes blue light technology which penetrates deep below the skins surface to quickly and non-invasively eliminate acne causing bacteria at the source.

Get rid of the acnegenic foods: On our holidays, we often feel this is the time to treat ourselves with sugary treats and ice-cream to keep cool, however it’s no secret that these foods can cause a flare up. Try to limit refined sugar and oily foods to prevent excess oil clogging pores which often become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Change your skincare products: Moisturizing in the summer is just as important as in the winter; however, a gel-based moisturizer can help with oily skin. Also, using a non-comedogenic product is a plus or any product with salicylic acid will help to soothe and prevent acne-prone skin.

DON’T over exfoliate: Hot, sticky weather sends oil glands into overdrive, but be very careful not to over exfoliate. Over exfoliating the skin can lead to stripping the skin which in-turn causes skin to produce more oil to recover to opt for a less abrasive exfoliator for your travels.