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A Taste of Italy in the Heart of Dubai

Located in the Four Points Sheraton in the heart of Bur Dubai, Ricetta’s authentic Italian menu brings the flavors of Italy to Dubai. With a cozy, yet at the same time expansive interior, Ricetta offers tables and open booths and lots of homey elements like

A New North Indian Brunch Has Arrived…

Bukhara is a well-known name in India and recently, the Ajman Hotel branch of this famed eatery launched its summer brunch at Bukhara. With a penchant for spicy, North Indian food, we went to sample some of the special dishes on offer. Here’s how it

Understanding Sports Drinks

While experts say that water is great for rehydration during shorter or low-intensity activities, for intensive exercise, it’s not only a must to replenish lost water, but to replenish glucose and electrolytes through sports drinks. There are three main kinds of sports drinks: Isotonic, hypertonic,

Top 7 Questions about Probiotics

Your body is filled with billions of bacteria, many of which are actually helpful and necessary to good health. These are known as probiotics, and here are some common questions about them. What are Probiotics? Probiotics are microorganisms that normally inhabit your gut (allowing for

Your Healthy Travel Snacks Checklist

Packing your own healthy travel snacks not only ensures your commitment to staying on track with your diet, it also helps you resist the temptation to purchase unhealthy and costly junk food at the airport and during the trip. Here are some examples of healthy

Stop Dieting and Start Eating

Going through crash diet programs or workout regimens is not sustainable and does not give results that last long. Therefore, to have an ever-lasting good health, you need to have not just a fitness lifestyle, but the best one. A sure shot way to boost

The Best Foods for Men to Eat

As men get older, work-related stress and anxiety often pile-up and along with a sedentary lifestyle, can take a toll on wellbeing. Here are some good-for-men foods to maintain optimal health. Colorful berries: The perfect snack, colorful berries are another ideal food which includes strawberries,

A Don’t Eat Checklist for Your Flight

Off on your long well-earned summer holidays, but fearing how the flight makes you feel? Here’s a “don’t eat” list that is best avoided before you take off. Avoid carbonated drinks and coffee Soda and coffee might cause flatulence, belching, and heartburn. And those with

Treating Acne with Diet

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne affects up to 50 million Americans each year, making it the most common skin condition in the United States. Costs for treating acne and the lost productivity from medical care in 2013 totaled over $1.2 billion. While

The Brain Diet: Eating for Maximum Brainpower

Eating foods that help reduce risk for cardiovascular disease, obesity, inflammation, and other health problems that can damage the brain is essential. The following three diets have been associated with lower risk for cognitive decline and/or dementia. The DASH Diet The Dietary Approaches to Stop