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Embrace the No-makeup Look Perfectly

As the weather is just about to get warmer very soon, ditch your foundation and heavy concealers for a more natural, no-makeup look that not only looks beautiful, but is so much better for your skin. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams are many individual’sbase products

Give Your Skin a Break

Most of us load up on serums, creams, SPF, and the like every morning and evening. Yet sometimes, and as scary as it sounds, it’s good to shake things up a bit and just leave the skin alone. Koko Hayashi, Founder & CEO at Mirai

Five Diet Habits to Stay Lean and Healthy Forever

Nutrition is key to getting in great shape and staying that way. But the vast array of fad diets, quick fixes, and dietary dogma out there leave most people confused about the diet that is right for them. Read on to learn more about core

Lifting Versus Filling…the Truth About Facial Rejuvenation

Until recently, I had assumed that dermal fillers are the best way to achieve rejuvenation by plumping out sagging areas of the face and in turn,giving a lift. But Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Maurizio Viel at London Center for Aesthetic Surgery, Gulf (LCAS) in Dubai Healthcare

Revive Your Eyes with the Plexr Plus Plasma Pen Treatment

As age creeps up on us, fine lines, droopiness, and puffiness around the eyes area can make even the most youthful looking face appear haggard and tired. But there is hope as Olimpia Carmen, Head of Anti-Aging & Laser Treatments in Wellbeing Medical Center reveals

Top 6 Facts That You Should Know about Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair is an important aspect for any human being. As a result, balding is a bad experience for many people because hair loss can cause low self-esteem. Hair transplant surgery can help to cure loss of hair. This medical procedure can help boost your appearance

Can You Stall Aging With Hormones?

From eating healthier to exercising and even turning to expensive cosmetic treatments – as we age, most of do whatever we can to slow down the process. Yet Dr. Hugo C. Verhoeven, a worldwide-recognized anti-aging expert reveals that it is actually hormones that play a

Beauty Hacks to Get You Party Ready Instantly

With the party season just around the corner, ithelps to have some quick tips on hand to help you get ready on the go instantly. Check out these beauty hacks to get you party ready in just 30 minutes. Don’t Forget Your Brows and Lashes

Glow Get ‘em

Spring, summer, winter, fall, who is the most radiant of them all? Let’s be honest, is there a time of year when we don’t strive for luminosity in our skin? Here’s how to achieve that effortless ‘I woke-up like this’ kind of fresh-faced glow, just

Hair Woes in Teenagers

With today’s fast paced lifestyles, hair loss and thinning is no longer a middle- age problem. The same problems are plaguing a growing number of young people. The experts at Advanced Hair Studios reveal their top tips to help your teenager maintain shiny, healthy hair.