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VK Beauty Lounge & Bar Redefines Beauty

A premium salon featuring Greek inspired architecture located at Jumeirah Beach Residence, VK Beauty Lounge & Bar redefines beauty by offering a full spectrum of luxurious hair, make-up and nails treatments. This is no ordinary hair salon; rather the white columns, huge space, and open

Myths about Laser Hair Removal You Need to Know

If you have been avoiding laser hair removal because you think that it is not as effective, here are some myths about laser hair removal that we have busted for you. 1. It is only effective for facial hair A lot of women believe that

Erase Years off Your Face Instantly

What do you do when you feel young, but one look in the mirror says otherwise? It seems that almost overnight, the lower part of my face was shrinking inwards—my lower face was sunken in, my mouth are a looked gaunt, and it threw my

The Ultimate Mini-Mane Makeover with Hair Contouring

Hair contouring is a new technique that is not only quick, but gives instant oomph to your look in just a little over an hour. Tips & Toes has launched this cutting edge ‘Express Hair Contouring’ service, which takes just a little over an hour.

The 4 K-Beauty Must-Haves You Need Right Now for Gorgeous Skin

Jude Chao, also known as ‘Fiddy Snails’ on cyber space, is a K-beauty expert whose blog ‘Fifty Shades of Snail’ has taken K-beauty to the next level. Here she reveals the must-haves in K-beauty for youthful, supple, and swoon worthy skin. 1. A good oil-based

Raising the Bar on Online Fashion

Suhina Kohli Bahl is the 25-year old creative brain behind Dubai’s new online fashion brand Curador, an exciting new fashion label set to tap into the Middle East’s tech retail potential with the launch of an e-commerce website on September 2018. By introducing an online

Perfect Brows… All the Time

Having perfectly shaped and groomed brows all the time without the usual eyebrow pencils, waxes, gels and mascaras to help sounded too good to be true. So when I was invited to Browz— the first and only dedicated to brows center in Dubai—I knew I

Tips for Healthy Hair

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want shiny, soft, silky hair? But unfortunately with the heat, pollution, and even stress, hair can often look lack luster. Use our guide to get your crowning glory in perfect shape. Use the right products for your hair type. Not

The Top Things All Women Should be Carrying in their Makeup Kit

Instead of cluttering up your makeup bag with lots of unnecessary tools and products, why not stick to the essentials that not only multi-task, but save you time, space, and money. Concealer for emergencies and to refresh the face; even a dab under the eyes

The Top Benefits of Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a custom-made cap-like structure that covers the entire tooth and restores its shape and size. They are generally made of porcelain and are known to provide a little extra strength to the teeth that have severe decay or damage. Apart from