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Beauty Trends under the Radar

Here’s a sneak peek into the upcoming beauty trends to look out in autumn/winter 2018… Lash Out Fluttering lashes were the main focus of the ultra-feminine beauty looks at Givenchy and Valentino with the trend taking a neon turn at Dries Van Noten with brightly

A Dangerous Trend: Skin Lightening

Although Western media has been championing the bronzed, tanned, golden girl look—With the Kardashian sisters’ at the forefront—The reality is that most of the world still is under the impression that fair skin is more beautiful than tan skin. The desire for a pale and

Making Hair Their Canvas…Mike & Jack Hair Salon

The official partner of L’Oréal Paris and aname that speaks for itself in Dubai, Mike & Jack salon in DIFC is the place for celebrities like Huda and Mona Kattan, as well as Carla DiBello, not to mention the seriously hair obsessed (like myself!)and is

Summer Beard Care Startup Guide

Summer is an intense time in terms of beard care because the heat and the strong UV rays can dry out your facial hair. Proper beard care for the summer is an absolute must, and it starts with grabbing the right products. 1. Get quality

Four Effective Ways to Remove Your Make-up

We all want our skin to feel fresh, clean, and look radiant, but achieving healthy looking skin is not possible without removing your make-up effectively first and making sure there are no traces left on the surface of your skin. Here are four ways to

Three Reasons to Use Face Oil

Face oils are a huge trend and despite the wide assortment of natural face oils available out there, there are still many people who believe using oil on their face will cause a breakout of clogged pores. Here are some key reasons you need to

Cosmetic Dentistry : Change Your Life with Just a Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry is a wonderful method for getting that dream smile you have always wanted. A boon for people with stained chipped, crooked or deformed teeth, the process may involve dental operations like teeth whitening, laser whitening, and orthodontics. The common operations in cosmetic dentistry

Is Your Make-up Affecting Your Fertility?

Most of us understand that the chemicals and other nasties in our food and environment can wreak havoc on our health. But what about the cosmetics we apply on a daily basis without giving much thought to? Read on to learn more. Phthalates Studies have

Banish Summer Breakouts Fast with These Tips

Often summer time means oily skin and breakouts. But with the following tips, you can have flawless skin all year long. Drinks lots of water: A no-brainer, but often very overlooked; bump up your hydration quotient with lots of water. If you can’t stomach plain

7 Essential Oils for Hair, Skin, and Nails

Natural essential oils are the perfect way to infuse a natural glow in your hair, skin, and nails. Every problem has its own specific solution in a particular essential oil, as follows. Coconut oil Coconut oil is perfect for nurturing and moisturizing your skin, hair,