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Averting Diabetes Before it Takes Hold

November 14 is World Diabetes Day and for this, Georges Chidiac, Vice President & General Manager of SAICOHEALTH, explores how prediabetics can stop the disease in its tracks, and shines light on new treatment options for Type 2 diabetes. Don’t be fooled: the ‘pre’ in

How to Mitigate The Negatives of Corporate Wellness

While over 70% of U.S. companies offer corporate wellness programs, there can be detractors and failures. 1. None Of This Interests Me Like It Interests The Company Some benefit plans skew greatly towards cutting medical costs but not towards the true wellness plan goal: making

5 Sunday Habits to Set Yourself up for a Successful Week

Some habits you should include in your Sunday routine are: 1. Reflect on your past week and plan accordingly for the upcoming week and beyond. If you want your week to be productive, you need to review your previous week. Look at everything you did

Turn the Page on Stress

Much like eating right and exercising to maintain physical health, reading helps us wind down after a long, stressful day. Over time, reading is proven to strengthen muscles in the brain, improve memory and tighten focus. Mohamed Al Aidaroos, Managing Partner of Ink Readable Books,

5 Common Health Problems that a Chiropractor Can Treat

What comes to your mind when you think of a chiropractor? Do you picture painful spinal realignments and gruesome techniques? Well, most people assume that a chiropractor’s office is only for muscle or bone problems. However, there is a huge variety of ailments that a

The Essentials of Reading Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories have long been known to strengthen bonds between parents and their children. Reading stories to children is also an effective way to get them to fall asleep. However, this favorite bedtime routine also has other special powers one of which is a boost

Don’t Ditch Healthy Eating After Your Wedding

After spending days at the gym and sweating to lose kilos for the big day, many of us regain it all back afterwards. Here’s how we can enjoy the post wedding festivities and delicious food that comes with it yet still maintain our weight. Mistakes

Looking for the Ideal Family Dentist? Look Out for These Four Factors

Dentists play a major role in your day-to-day life. They have been known to cure dental disorders. However, before you hire any dentist, you need to be looking out for the following things: 1.Personal needs On a personal level, why are you looking for a

Why Homework for Kids is a Valuable Asset to Life Lessons for the Future

You might now be asking yourself if homework assignments do really help children learn, and how you can manage to make it a positive and successful experience. Homework can have many benefits for young children. It not only improves remembering and understanding of schoolwork, but

Preventing Obesity in Teenage Years

Teenage years can be a critical period for many kids; at this time they experience changes in their body and emotions. Excess weight and obesity can have major consequences on their social, psychological and physical health. To prevent this, the support of the family is