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Learning to Say NO

It sounds harsh, but learning where and when to say no is an art form that should be learned and cultivated. Here are some ways to say a firm, but polite no without coming across as aggressive or non-cooperative. As this is a learned behaviour,

The Skin Foods You Need Right Now

Eating a low-fat diet is recommended for healthy skin and a diet high in fruits and vegetables is best since they are loaded with antioxidants which help to keep the skin supple and nourished. The Top Skin Food Recommendations Strawberries, kiwis, citrus fruits, red peppers,

Why do People have Regrets?

People can have regrets for all kinds of reasons. For some people perhaps fear stops them doing what they want, for others it can simply be ignorance, for others it can be not having the self-confidence to do what they want and perhaps most importantly

Tips to Keep Your Senior Four-legged Friends in Optimal Condition

Thanks to better nutrition and improvements in veterinary medicine, our pets are living longer than ever before. Yet despite the figure, older pets are more likely to develop health concerns, including a greater risk of heart disease and weight control. Here are a few more

Stop Snoring in its Tracks during Travel

Snoring at night is a problem, butan even bigger one to snore just about anywhere else. If you are going on a business trip and you have the tendency to snore, you may become conscious especially at the end of the trip when you are

Is There Mold in Your AC Unit ?

As the temperature in the UAE rises, the temperature of your AC decreases and it’s easy to take it for granted. However, many people are unaware that the bacteria, mold, and fungi lurking in that comforting air-conditioning unit can cause all sorts of trouble. If

3 Quick Ways to Instantly Infuse Joy into Your Life

Now Happiness is a very subjective term and means something different to everyone. But small moments of joy can easily be infused into your day with the following joy boosters. 1.Remember, no matter how busy you, give yourself a break—Amidst the busyness of the day,

How to Help Someone Suffering from an Addiction

Addictions come in all shapes and sizes and can range from smoking to shopping to food. So how do you help a loved one you know may be suffering from an addiction? Read our expert tips to help. Know that there is only so much

Is Cosmetic Surgery Really for You?

These days, individuals seeking cosmetic surgery are younger than was the case a few years ago. With so many factors contributing to this rise, how can we really figure out if cosmetic surgery is the right choice? Celebrated plastic surgeon, Dr. Dirk Kremer reveals more…

How to Get Back on Track after your Summer Holiday

We all love to go on summer vacation – it’s great for rejuvenating your mind, but it might take a toll on your body with all the food, fun parties, and lack of sleep. Here are a few ideas to help you get back on