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3 Quick Ways to Instantly Infuse Joy into Your Life

Now Happiness is a very subjective term and means something different to everyone. But small moments of joy can easily be infused into your day with the following joy boosters. 1.Remember, no matter how busy you, give yourself a break—Amidst the busyness of the day,

How to Help Someone Suffering from an Addiction

Addictions come in all shapes and sizes and can range from smoking to shopping to food. So how do you help a loved one you know may be suffering from an addiction? Read our expert tips to help. Know that there is only so much

Is Cosmetic Surgery Really for You?

These days, individuals seeking cosmetic surgery are younger than was the case a few years ago. With so many factors contributing to this rise, how can we really figure out if cosmetic surgery is the right choice? Celebrated plastic surgeon, Dr. Dirk Kremer reveals more…

How to Get Back on Track after your Summer Holiday

We all love to go on summer vacation – it’s great for rejuvenating your mind, but it might take a toll on your body with all the food, fun parties, and lack of sleep. Here are a few ideas to help you get back on

The Mind – Body Connection

When you are dealing with a health crisis, it doesn’t just take a physical toll. In fact, serious disorders such as heart disease, stroke, and multiple sclerosis have a higher risk of concurrent mental health problems such as depression. Here are some ways to do

4 Reasons Creativity Can Invite Happiness Later in Life

Award-winning author and poet Piero Rivolta, 77, enjoyed successful careers in car manufacturing, commercial building and sailing before re-dedicating himself as a writer the last few years. Being creative as one gets older, he says, brings more enjoyment of life by putting us more in

Helping Your Child Manage Stress

Kids back in school means homework, exams, peer pressure and yes, sometimes stress. Ironically enough, when we get stressed as adults, we tend to reminisce about our childhood—days filled with laughter and playing with friends. But the reality is that is that now more than

The Impact of Clean Air in Classrooms on Your Child’s Academic Performance

As children have gone back to school now in full swing, there is a worrying statistic (according to a CDC report) that 14 million school days were missed by students due to allergies and asthma. In fact, about 50 percent all schools have poor indoor

Are You Destroying Your Teeth Without Even Knowing It?

All of strive to keep our teeth in perfect condition, but little things we may be doing could be destroying your teeth over time. Read on to learn more about these bad habits. 1. You brush too hard Brushing your teeth regularly is part of

5 Tips for a Happy Marriage

Marriage is a journey, and every journey has some complications. With a little bit of knowledge and planning, you can prevent small problems from turning into larger ones. That is why it is always important to take some time and review some tips to keep