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How Your Smart Phone Can Make Your Healthier

Most of us whip our smartphones to check social media or WhatsApp messages; and it’s no secret that lately, the smartphone is getting a lot of flak for being addictive, anti-social, and basically unhealthy. But there is a way to use it to your advantage

Five Reasons for Using a Kendall Cohesive Bandage as a Strapping Tape

Cohesive tapes are beneficial and the most common strapping tapes in the sporting world. They can be used by soccer players, football players and even tennis players to reduce the chances of you sustaining any injury. They are a perfect substitute for adhesive tapes like

Chocolate and Your Health…What You Need to Know

Chocolate comprises a number of raw and processed foods that are produced from the seed of the tropical cacao tree. Native to lowland, tropical South America, cacao has been cultivated for at least three millennia in Central America and Mexico, with its earliest documented use

Why Multi-tasking Should Be Avoided

From checking emails at work to juggling kids homework and activities, today’s women are multi-tasking with aplomb. Yet the downside of this is the toll it can take on your overall wellness as well as productivity. Here are a few more reasons to stop the

The Health Benefits of Cleaning Your Upholstery (Sofa)

If you want to keep doctors’ away from your family, then you have to keep your upholstered furniture clean at all times. Is it enough to do vacuuming in order to cleanse your home? I am afraid not. As a matter of fact, in your

12 Ways to Have Healthy Sleep

According to the current research, in 2015, Americans spent about $41 billion on sleep aids. By 2020, this number is expected to exceed to $52 billion. Due to the overuse of coffee and electronic devices, many are finding it difficult to experience sound sleep. Read

Reasons Being Creative Will Make You Happier As You Grow Older

Oscar-nominated screenwriter Millard Kaufman wrote his first novel, Bowl of Cherries, at the age of 90. Benjamin Franklin was 78 when he invented the bifocal lens. Clearly, creativity and aging aren’t always mutually exclusive. Award-winning author and poet Piero Rivolta, 77, enjoyed successful careers in

Do You Suffer with Common Sleep Disruptors?

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep to be productive and to be optimally healthy; yet some simple things you may be doing could be hindering your chances of achieving this. Here are some common sleep disruptors and how to correct these. Not Exercising Did you

Stop Trying to be Perfect

With the surge in social media, lots of us portray an image of perfection, a flawless family withbeautiful kids and a matching home. The flipside is that some of can’t stop trying to be perfect and can go to extremes in trying to achieve the

Time Management Tips for the Holidays

While the holiday season brings with it festivity, fun, and lots of family time, for working womenit canmean doublethe workand hectic deadlines. Here’s a guide to help you manage your time effectively during the holidayseason minus the stress or tension. At Work To cope and