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Helping Children Who Stutter

Stuttering is a chronic condition in which children have good days and bad days. There may be days where the stuttering will become very mild and then flair up with stress. According to experts, stuttering is usually not a concern so long as it doesn’t

Raising a Happy and Well-Balanced Only Child

A few years after you have had your first child, people may stop you and ask when you are planning the next baby. Mention you may just not have any more children and you may be met with pity or envy, but nowadays to have

Coming to Terms with Diabetes Type 2

The complications of diabetes are serious, with heart disease and stroke, hypertension, kidney disease, and complications in pregnancy just to name a few. The following are some tips to help reduce the likelihood of getting diabetes. Achieve and maintain healthy body weight. Know your family

Is Your Teenager Stressed out?

With increased competition in school and the unsurpassed social media pressures, teenagers these days are facing more stress than ever before. Here are some of the most common signs of stress to watch out for. 1) Change of behavior. Even though spending more time with

Interior Design Tricks to Beat the Summer Heat

Summers in the UAE can get extremely hot and sticky. This excessive and uncomfortable heat is an energy drainer too. To keep this excess heat at bay, you need to prep your home with design trends that will not only brighten your mood but also

Emotional Eating

Emotional Relationship with Food Individuals’ relationship with food is often complicated and multilayered due to the complex nature of food. Food is not only a source of nutrition, but it is also associated with love, family connection, and observing religious holidays. When individuals are encouraged

Eat Like a Pilot

Due to the nature of their profession, pilots have to be physically strong, fit, and mentally alert. They are frequent flyers and adjust themselves according to the weather and the lifestyles of various countries. To remain in excellent shape they have to take good care

Keep Your Teeth Stain-Free with these Tips

Let’s face it; no one wants discolored, stained teeth. The reality is that pigments from dark-colored drinks such as coffee, tea, and soda can become embedded in the cracks and ridges between the teeth and as a result, can cause permanent, yellowing stains. Here are

Why All Women Should be Eating Sprouted Brown Rice

With a sweeter flavor and less chewy texture than brown rice, eating sprouted brown rice is especially beneficial to women as it controls weight, promotes healthy skin, and boosts stamina and energy. Here are even more reasons why women should be including this in their

Don’t Ignore High functioning Depression

We often hear stories from mothers complaining that they have become irritable with their children. Men who complain that going to work have become a torturous experience. Sometimes it can be a loss of interest in one’s appearance or the appearance of house. These symptoms