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Left Brain Vs. Right Brain: Myth or Reality?

The belief that the right brain is the reason behind creativity in humans while the left brain helps in logical decision making is pure hokum. Read on to know why. Background R.L. Stevenson’s classic “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide” was one brings K-Beauty Straight to Dubai

Ayat Toufeeq and Amina Grimen launched because they personally really struggling to find some niche skincare brands they wanted in the UAE. After spending hours researching different products and brands, how to use them, and for what results, they decided to bring it all

Healing Spices and Herbal Remedies to Boost Your Wellness

The use of spices and other herbs for healing purposes is an ancient practice adopted in all parts of the world. They have been used for their antiviral and antimicrobial properties, to prevent and cure the flu, to regulate blood pressure, and to control blood

Why Friends Are so Important to Women with Children

With our women friends, we can talk about all kinds of personal things. Child rearing, our personal growth journeys, ponder our relationships with husbands or partners, our families, and talking seriously about the meaning of life are just some of the things we may discuss.

3 Ways to Invite Gratitude into Your Life Today

More than a buzzword, gratitude is a powerful tool that not only invites more blessings into your life, but is the way we can affirm and acknowledge we are grateful for every big and small blessing we have. Here are some quick and easy ways

Is Your Teenager Asking for Aesthetic Surgery?

These days, teenagers are being bombarded by super glossy images on social media platforms and as a result, are increasingly dissatisfied with their physical appearance. Here are some tips to help parents sway their teens off of this dangerous trend. Never criticize or nag your

Use These Apps to Maximize Productivity in Your Meetings

Everyone knows that meetings in general are effective and quite often, help everyone in the team reach the same page. To boost productivity, there are applications developed to make hosting a successful meeting much easier, as follows. 1. Meeting Ticker This will help you calculate

Signs Your Marriage May Be Over

Most couples in a marriage know when thigs are just not going right for them. Here are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse—one of the most important concepts in marriage created by John Gottman. Based upon his research, he states when these four behaviors –

The Secret to Men Aging Gracefully

When it comes to good health, it’s a well-known fact that men are less likely to visit the doctor than women when they start to feel unwell. They often believe their symptoms will go away, or aren’t that serious, and they’re far too busy to

Infuse Personality into Your Home with These Tips

All of us want or homes to be aesthetically pleasing, but infusing an element of who we are is also important. Use our tips to help. • Add a plant – Choose a unique plant to fit the house well allowing it to stand out