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A Simple Blood Test Can Prompt You to Eat Healthy

Picture this. It’s almost dinnertime, and you are craving for a thin crust pizza with extra cheese. Have you ever wondered why? Well, that’s the tricky bit. Deciphering the requirements of our bodies would probably take both science and cosmic intervention. But medical science has

Fusion Restaurant Ticks All the Right Boxes

A brand-new international cuisine restaurant is in town and that too located at a brand-new hotel in Barsha-the S Hotel-and serves up some really good, home-style international meals made with high-quality ingredients’prepared in an interactive kitchen. A laid-back, family ambiance merges with a contemporary stylish

A Fine Dining Experience at Sabella’s at the Ajman Hotel

On the first floor of the beautiful Ajman Hotel, Sabella’s is an expansive, beautiful space, with indoor and al fresco dining available-overlooking the beach. The tables are spaced apart here, resonating a feeling of close-knit privacy, and along with the classy neutral color scheme, adds

A New Age Meditation

Being referred to as moving meditation to help infuse Zen into your life, Sophrology is often applied to help cope with issues including anxiety, burnout, or even to unleash your full potential and be more focused. Here’s how it works. A dynamic way to enable

15 Simple Ways to Stay Grateful

Gratitude, according to Cambridge Dictionary,is the quality of being thankful. Many studies have been done, particularly in Positive Psychology, and the consensus is that being grateful has many virtues and little, if any, drawbacks. Increased happiness, better work and personal relationships are just a few

Is Your Quest for Better Health Turning Into an Obsession?

Eating healthy and exercising should be an intrinsic part of life, but what happens when this quest to be healthy starts becoming an obsession and permeates every aspect of your life? According to Dr. Saliha Afridi, a clinical psychologist in UAE, there could be many

Brambles Brings Healthy Northern Californian Styled Cooking to Dubai

New home grown café Brambles is now open in Barsha Heights and serving up unique healthy offerings including avocado pizza, kale brownie and more, and boast a vegan and vegetarian menu in addition to meat and fish dishes too. Here the brains behind Brambles—Mandana Shabani—reveals

The Raw Food Diet and What It Really Means

Is this completely back-to-nature diet really everything it claims to be? Here are both sides of the diet to help you decide if it’s best for you. What It Means Raw foods are unprocessed and uncooked plant and animal products. The advocates of this diet

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at the New Molten Chocolate Café at Al Majaz Waterfront, Sharjah

The latest addition to the Sharjah Majaz Waterfront portfolio of eateries is Molten Chocolate Café. This brand new café here is actually a well-known name in Malaysia and here in Sharjah, has launched with a beautiful café with options to sit indoors or outdoors next

Brunching at Chival Global Social At La Ville Hotel

Chival Global Social at City Walk, Dubai prides itself on espousing the latest new social and cosmopolitan setting with a core focus on healthy and carefully sourced produce. Their menus reflect the carefully sought and wherever possible, locally sourced high-quality ingredients from the region, served