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Protect Your Eyes this Summer with these Easy Hacks

With scorching heat and excessive sunlight, taking care of your eyes during the summer can be a challenge. Here are some simple, yet effective hacks to protect your eyes this summer. Make a habit of washing your hands: Washing your hands is essential and helps

Always Stressed Out? Try Running

Most of us are under the strain of tight deadlines, kids’ studies, and the rest of the challenges that life throws at us. An easy way to deal effectively with looming stress is by running which is not only good for our health, but can

Coping with Time Zone Burnout

Many of us are traveling for our long awaited holidays and an unwanted side effect is time zone burnout. Here are some effective ways to treat this problem and ultimately, get the most out of your holiday. Jet Lag Jet lag appears to have the

The Year of Zayed Ramadan Tribute

As we entered the Fairmont Dubai hotel on Sheikh Zayed road for their Year of Zayed Iftar, I was blown away at the magnitude of detail and elaboration that had gone into the planning. From the beautiful Sheikh Zayed artwork on the wallsentering the indoor

Male Midlife Crisis; What Does it Really Mean?

Are you pondering quitting your successful career to backpack across Europe? Or maybe considering selling everything and buying a Harley Davidson? As strange as it seems, male midlife crisis has been the butt of many jokes, but the reality is that any man undergoing the

What Drives You? The Secrets to Motivating Yourself

Even though we all want the best things to happen in our lives and achieve all the goals we dream of, nothing comes easy in life. A person gets motivated temporarily while planning the steps because he is constantly thinking of future positive scenarios after

Start Living Mindfully Today

Ramadan is the perfect time to start living more mindfully by embracing the present moment and investing all your attention into whatever is happening. But most of all, you sustain an absolute awareness over your mind and body. For instance, eating Iftar; you should separate

Keeping Your Data Safe Online

No matter what you’re doing online, it seems like dangers are lurking everywhere. Anytime you log onto your email or check Facebook, you’re risking your data. However, being on the internet isn’t as scary as it sounds if you understand how to protect your personal

An Authentic Peruvian Iftar in the Heart of Dubai

A hip eatery located in the heart of City Walk 2, LIMA Dubai is a continuation of LIMA in London which is the first Peruvian restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star. Moreover, LIMA Dubai itself is the recipient of Time Out’s award for the

Tips to Stay Hydrated in Ramadan

Most people take drinking water for granted and do not meet the adequate requirement of water consumption, which is especially true in Ramadan. It is extremely important to drink sufficient water during Suhoor and Iftar in order to replace the water that is lost from