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All In, One Goal: The Positive Side Of Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness programs currently receive a lot of attention, but they’re nothing new. Started in the 1970s, they’ve grown to 9 out of 10 companies offer some type of wellness benefit, with an average annual corporate wellness spending of $742 per employee. Corporate wellness incentives

Top Picks for UAE National Day Staycations

As the temperate dips to offer amazing weather perfect for outdoor activities, why not stay in the UAE this UAE National Day weekend and visit some of the local tourist spots? Here are the top suggestions to maximize your weekend get-away. A Sandy Haven Experience

Osaka Meets Dubai at Spheerz in The Marina Cubes

Located at the Mina Rashid Marina— Spheerz is situated at the site of one of Dubai’s largest harbors—Marina Cubes, and is the city’s latest seaside destination complete with niche, industrial designed eateries dotting the tranquil streets. Spheerz first emerged on Dubai’s foodie scene at Global

What is Social Media Etiquette?

From Twitter and Snapchat to Instagram, our dependence on social media is showing no signs of dwindling. Yet many of us forget that social media also has a set of preferred social etiquettes that are reflective of the daily etiquettes we apply. For this, Etiquette

Pay Attention to Your Mental Health

Too It is crucial to shape your everyday routine in a way that is beneficial to your mental health. In the media, there is often more focus on maintaining your physical body – not the same attention is given to mental health. However, it is

Tips for Moving out of Your Apartment or Villa

They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life, so if you are planning a move, read on as Marc Daly, general manager of leading UAE-based property maintenance company, mplus+ reveals his top tips on what to

Fashion Musings by Bollywood Fashion Designer Payal Singhal

A fashion designer with an enviable clientele list, Payal Singhal’s creations has been worn by a long list of celebrities including Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra, Deepika Padukone, and many more. Juxtaposing the needs of the modern-day woman with meticulous detailing, she has made

Skin Care tips for the Wedding Season

With the wedding season right around the corner, it’s time to kick start your bridal beauty routine to look picture perfect on your special day. Here are some tips to get your skin picture perfect for your big day. Say bye bye to dull skin

Left Brain Vs. Right Brain: Myth or Reality?

The belief that the right brain is the reason behind creativity in humans while the left brain helps in logical decision making is pure hokum. Read on to know why. Background R.L. Stevenson’s classic “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide” was one brings K-Beauty Straight to Dubai

Ayat Toufeeq and Amina Grimen launched because they personally really struggling to find some niche skincare brands they wanted in the UAE. After spending hours researching different products and brands, how to use them, and for what results, they decided to bring it all