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Exercising Safely in the Summer Heat

The UAE’s intense summer heat can pose a big risk to those who love the outdoors. Exhaustion, dehydration, nausea, and dizziness are just a few of those risks. That doesn’t mean you need to give up exercising outdoors though. Be aware of the following precautions

A Closer Look at Secondary Infertility

Secondary infertility is the condition where women who have already had a child before struggle to conceive again. According to studies, 11 percent of couples who already have a child go on to experience secondary infertility. There are several factors that can lead to secondary

Tools to Beat the Dubai Waist-Line

Impact Dubai’s eateries, restaurants, and overall food scene are renowned for being top notch. Yet with all of this comes the risk of on expanding waistline. The following are an expert’s tools to combat the Dubai waist-line impact. Stop the Low Carbs Remember, you need

How to Avoid Injury While Playing Sports

It is natural to assume that footballers are pain free. However, constant twists, turns and sudden changes of direction involved in football can put the legs and feet of a footballer under tremendous strain. While most injuries involve little more than some mild pain and

What’s The Point? A Closer Look at Acupuncture

Acupuncture can boost your health and over well-being without the side effects of medicine? Read on to learn more… Defined Basically, acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles, sometimes in conjunction with electrical stimulus, on the body’s surface, in order to influence physiological functioning

Active Ways You Can Optimize Your Oxygen Levels

Maintaining an oxygen-rich blood is essential to your health. Once your oxygen saturation levels go low, you may experience serious symptoms such as shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, and headache—all of which can lead to life-threatening circumstances when left untreated. Measuring Blood Oxygen

Helping Your Child Beat the Obesity Epidemic

While home cooked healthy meals are best, it is not always possible with parent’s busy work schedules. Families are eating out more regularly than ever before. The increase in restaurant meals is contributing to the widespread obesity problem. Here’s how to beat the problem. ✓

Summer Holidays Weight Loss

During the summer holidays, we may let go of our rigid dieting and exercise routines, resulting in a few added kilos here and there. Avoid the urge to crash diet and instead, follow these strategies for sensible weight loss. Shake it Up Surprisingly, experts says

Reasons You Need to Try Swing Yoga Today

Swing Yoga is a blend of traditional yoga poses but with the help of a gravity-defying hammock which is attached to the ceiling hanging to less than 1 meter from the floor and can support up to 300 kilos of weight. It supports the hips

Factors that Trigger Infertility

It is a common misconception that women contribute more to infertility, but the fact is that studies show 40 percent of the infertility cases are actually caused by men, 40 percent by women, while the other 20 percent are based on combined causes. Infertility is