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On World Stroke Day—Understanding the Facts About Stroke

World Stroke Day falls on October 29 and understanding the facts about it are imperative as 15 million people a year suffer a stroke worldwide, so it is a good idea to know the signs and symptoms of a stroke so that you may be

How to Avoid the Dubai Waist-line Boom Effect

Dubai is famous for the superlative lifestyle it offers—from the biggest malls to a plethora of gastronomic venues to please just about any kind of palette. Yet with this often comes the Dubai Waist-Line Boom effect; to help, Dubai’s highest paid trainer Amir Siddiqui at

Do you Thrive on Stress?

Stress has become today’s benchmark of success—if you don’t have stress, there must be something lacking in your life since everyone who is successful is stressed. But this mentality can take a serious toll on your well-being. Skewed Thinking By being super busy, constantly answering

Fad Diets-Do they Really Work?

We live in a region where obesity, malnutrition, and nutrient deficiencies can occur at the same time. The main reason for this is mainly due to consuming foods high in calories and very low in nutrients essential for the body, which causes excessive weight gain

Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide, with an estimated 17.3 million (source: American Heart Association) lives being claimed due to the disease, every year. However, most cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by addressing behavioral risk factors such as an unhealthy diet,

The Key to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep is All in the Mattress

Simon Moore, head of buying and marketing at helmii, the UAE’s first online store for customized beds, says the key to a good night’s sleep is all in the mattress. 1. Try it before you buy it. Some mattress manufacturers will allow you a test-sleep

The Must-Dos for Contact Lens Wearers at the Office to Maintain Optimal Eye Health

Offices in the UAE often have the air-conditioner on over-drive which can cause very dry eyes. Hours at our desk staring at computer screen can further stress our eyes leading to head-aches or worse yet, migraines for some. But there are some simple ways to

A Runners Guide to Surfaces

Whether for fitness, weight-loss, or just to enjoy being outdoors, as the weather cools down, some of us will head out for a run. But understanding the kind of ground you run on can help you stay injury-free. Running track More cushioned than tarmac, synthetic

How Does Yoga Help Breast Cancer Patients?

Breast cancer patients may suffer from mental cloudiness and stress, which interferes with their ability to think clearly. They may also have the fear of recurrence of cancer. They may experience uncertainty, grief, sadness, or anger. They may feel vulnerable, insecure and have body image

Why Participating In The Dubai Fitness Challenge Is Good For Your Company

The Dubai Fitness Challenge is coming back on October 19 with another month of sports activities and celebration of an active lifestyle around the city. If you gave it a go last year, then you already know what participating in such an event can do