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Easy Ways to Get Excited about Exercise

Lots of us get lazy during the summer when it comes to our workout routine. Try these motivating tips to help you get back in the mood to exercise. New Workout Gear Investing in a new workout top or shoes is a great way to

Lupus Defined : The Autoimmune Enigma

Have you been feeling unexplainably tired lately and running a low-grade fever on and off? No matter how many hours you spend in bed, you feel like you’ll never get enough rest to function properly. Has a strange never-seen-before butterfly-shaped rash emerged on your face

A Checklist for Beating Childhood Obesity

Bombarded with the temptation of eating beyond the expected calorie intake as well as the availability of fast foods, carbonated drinks, and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, kids nowadays are battling obesity at an alarming rate. Here is a checklist to help. ☑ Teach your children

The Pregnancy Precaution Checklist

A pregnant woman should always be conscious of what can potentially affect her unborn child. A proper way to go about it is to avoid self-medication and lay emphasis on self-care. You could create a to-do list if that is going to make things a

Slipped Disc

We have all heard the term slipped disc, but what does it really mean? Read on to learn more. Anatomy The spine consists of multiple bones called vertebrae. In between each vertebra, there are protective circular pads called discs that help maintain the back’s flexibility

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Spine while on the Go

Many of us neglect our usual routines during the summer with holidays and travel, yet there are some effective ways to maintain your spinal health while on the go. Here’s how… Smart Preparation: Reduce the time spent standing in lines by planning ahead. Purchasing electronic

Gut Health and Impact on Mood

You know the phrase to trust your gut instinct? There is actually logic behind this saying as our gut is known as the body’s second brain and there is a bidirectional line of communication running between the two; the gut-brain axis. This consists of linking

Six Exercises to Do During Your Flight

Sitting during a long plane journey can be physically taxing, but the good news is that there are some effective exercises you can do on-board the flight to ensure optimal wellness during your journey. Seated Leg Lifts – From a neutral seated position, raise one

To Pick or Not Toothpick

Toothpicks are said to damage enamel and lacerate the gums. Wooden toothpicks may splinter and may become lodged in the gums or between teeth. Food debris may be pushed into the gum spaces. Yet, flossing which is superior for cleaning the teeth is not something

How to Stay in Shape This Summer

Summer is the season where you go on vacation, relax, and just take it easy. While it is possible to be tempted to indulge more than often, here are a few tips to keep you in shape during the sunny season. 1. Get Moving Outdoors