Developing Grit

We all go through life with ups and downs, but it’s how well we cope with it and move forward that can make the difference to the experience. Find out the ways to develop your grit…

Did you know that every time we go through hardship or difficulty, we are developing a muscle to cope with pain the next time? Dr. Saliha Afridi, clinical psychologist explains: “Imagine if you go to the gym and you exercise a muscle –each time you tear the muscle and repair the muscle, it grows stronger. And this emotional muscle of coping is similar.”

Tips to Build Grit:

1. Take care of your basic needs: Your physical health is imperative for dealing with any life stressor or adversity. Basic things like food, sleep, and exercise are key in getting through these difficult times.

2.Remember that nothing lasts: Not good times or bad times. When the times are bad, brace yourself and stay close to those that you love and those who love you and know that it will pass.

3.Self-reflection: Pain, anger, sadness, and sorrow all have lessons to teach us if we sit through them. When we break open through heartache, we can actually expand as human beings, full of compassion, sensitivity, and understanding. Too often we self-medicate or distract ourselves, hoping to numb our pain, but it is only though processing our suffering that we can acquire wisdom.

4.Have a life-saver: This can be a trusted friend who understands you and can give you perspective when things seem too dark to bear. This person can help navigate the dark waters to help you find your way back home.

(Credit: Dr. Saliha Afridi)