Diabetics Can Be Helped by Health Coaches… Here’s How

The UAE is currently tackling the issue of diabetes. Latest WHO figures suggest that 19 percent of UAE residents are diabetic and a further 30 percent are borderline diabetic. Health coaches can play a critical role in helping people to prevent the onset of diabetes and help diabetics to reverse their type 2 diabetes. Here’s how…

Time: It is impossible for a physician in a 20-minute consultation to understand the patient’s lifestyle and root cause for their diabetes. There is simply not enough time so a physician will diagnose the problem and give very generic advice probably relating to their diet or exercise. However, diabetes can be caused by multiple lifestyle factors and therefore, the “cure” can be one of many options. A health coach has the time to really understand the patient, the patient’s lifestyle and identify the root cause or root causes for the diabetes. It is this time and deep understanding of a patient’s lifestyle which gives the health coach an advantage over a physician.

Rapport: It is very difficult for a physician to develop a rapport and close relationship with a patient in a 20-minute consultation. If someone has diabetes then they have lived in a particular way for many years or decades and to get them to change habits is a difficult task. A health coach has the time and ability to build a relationship of trust with their patients. They can slowly start to incorporate good habits into their life and follow up with them on a daily basis to see if the client is following their advice and whether they are feeling any benefits.

Support: A health coach is always available for the patient and is there to support the patient and make them accountable on a daily basis to incorporate good habits into their life. A good health coach will share recipes, food plans, exercise plans and breathing exercises with their patients to support them on their “journey”. They should supplement this with interesting videos and articles that educate the patient to understand why these lifestyle habits are specifically useful for them and will be effective.

(Credit: The Health Concierge www.htc.ae