Factors that Trigger Infertility

It is a common misconception that women contribute more to infertility, but the fact is that studies show 40 percent of the infertility cases are actually caused by men, 40 percent by women, while the other 20 percent are based on combined causes.

Infertility is caused due to many social and medical reasons. Among the general medical causes, 20 percent of cases have no explanation. However, obesity, diabetes mellitus, thyroid diseases, vitamin D deficiency, consanguinity, certain medications as well as cancer treatments including chemotherapy are some of the factors that trigger infertility in both men and women.

One of the main causes of social infertility is the delay in trying to have children. Studies show that the perfect age to have a child is between the ages of 25 to 30. After age 35, fertility levels drop significantly, and after 45, the possibility of a pregnancy is exceptional.

It is paramount that that couples navigate the challenges of infertility by engaging in transparent and open conversations about the correct treatment options.

(Credit: Prof. Dr. Human Fatemi, ESHRE certified Subspecialist, Reproductive Medicine and Reproductive Surgery, and Medical Director at IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic)