Five Crucial Tips to Safeguard Your Infant’s Health

Children are vulnerable to a lot of harmful things, and as a parent, you need to ensure they are taken care of properly. Here are five tips that might help.

1.Prepare ahead of time:

Start getting consultations from a pediatrician when the mother pregnant for 3 to 4 months. They can offer useful pieces of advice regarding the health care of the mother and the baby. Also, a good pediatrician can help you learn the basics of newborn care.

2.Follow the doctor’s instructions:

There are a lot of misconceptions about newborn care. So instead of listening to random relatives, follow the instructions of the doctor who attended the mother during the child’s birth. For the first few weeks, follow what the doctor has instructed.

3.Breast milk is the ideal food for the baby:

The newborns should only be fed with breast milk (with rare exceptions). If it is not possible for the mother to breastfeed the child, one should use infant formula. The healthy newborn babies don’t require water, juice or other fluids during the first few weeks.

4.Consider vitamin D supplements:

Vitamin D is essential for the baby’s bone health. Consult with the Pediatrician about the health of the baby, and provide him or her with Vitamin D supplements if the breast milk does not offer her enough of it. Stronger and healthier bones are crucial for the baby’s growth.

5.Look for the right signs:

Parents usually worry that the babies aren’t eating enough. Well, your baby knows how much he or she needs, so don’t ponder over those issues. Instead, consider significant signs like change in her weight, whether she is satisfied with the feeding, number of diapers she wets and her bowel movements. Consult the pediatrician if she isn’t gaining weight or wetting lesser diapers lately.

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