Getting Flawless Skin… Meet Bianca Estelle, Founder of bea Skincare

Meet Bianca Estelle is the founder of bea Skincare and Vitamin Injections London. bea SKincare is a London based cruelty-free cosmeceutical brand offering high-quality skincare products expertly formulated using high concentrations of active ingredients. Vitamin Injections London is a range of skin patches available in unique formulations, including vitamin B12, B Complex and D3 and glutathione. Bianca Estelle’s career spans over 15 years over which she has built a loyal clientele of high profile public figures such as Lady Victoria Hervey and Calum Best. Her passion comes from the desire to apply the benefits of science to everyday skin care, supporting healthy, radiant skin from the inside out. She reveals the secrets to getting flawless skin…

Q What makes IV drips more effective for skin rejuvenation and overall anti-ageing?
“Intravenous injections include potent and natural ingredients, such as one hundred percent pure collagen extract, a host of B complex vitamins, and vitamin C. There are various types of injection packages as part of the anti-ageing treatment, such as: Collagen and Vitamin complex shots which help to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin by replenishing lost collagen and the Stemcellation injections which encourage the formation of new blood vessels and nerves through the injection of placenta lucchini stem cells, as well as others.”

Q What are some of the most popular IV drips you are doing nowadays?
“We have several popular treatments such as the Pick me up IV Baby Face IV, Glutathione Wellness And Myers cocktail.”

Q How many sessions are required to see tangible, visible results?
“Results vary from person-to-person, a course of 12 is recommended for best results, however, many people have noticeable results from treatment 4 to 6.”

Q Are there certain risks involved with this?
“There is always the risk of bruising.”

Q What are your tips for maintaining youthful and glowing skin, irrespective of age?
“You should always incorporate a vitamin C serum in your skin care regime, such as our Vitamin C 20% Hyaluronic Acid Serum. It is anti-inflammatory and lightens hyperpigmentation, minimizes sun damage, and decreases puffiness. Also, you should always wear sunscreen too, and our Solar Defence SPF 30 protects from harmful UV rays and treats discoloration, sun damage, and hyper-pigmentation helping to decrease the signs of aging whilst preventing premature aging.”