How Does Yoga Help Breast Cancer Patients?

Breast cancer patients may suffer from mental cloudiness and stress, which interferes with their ability to think clearly. They may also have the fear of recurrence of cancer. They may experience uncertainty, grief, sadness, or anger. They may feel vulnerable, insecure and have body image concerns. Here is where yoga comes into play and gives them a hand.

Yoga reduces fatigue and inflammation:

Researchers have found that practicing yoga for three months reduces fatigue and lowers inflammation, in breast cancer survivors. One of the major problems breast cancer survivors face is a reduction in cardio respiratory fitness. The breathing techniques associated with yoga helps them a lot.

Yoga improves the quality of life:

It is astonishing to know that breast cancer patients who participated in a yoga program, which included yogic breathing, postures, meditation, and relaxation techniques, experienced improved physical function, better general health, and found meaning in their cancer experience. Researchers found that restorative yoga for breast cancer survivors helped them to feel better, happier, less tired, and improved their body image. It wards off negative emotions and enhances emotional wellbeing.

Written by: Swarnam John, a health blogger with her own blog:Healthyhomosapien