Is Hoarding Putting a Damper on Your Life?

Hoarding is thought to be a natural and instinctive response to survival; but compulsive hoarding is entirely different. This includes collecting and storing items that are of no use in extreme numbers and even filling space in the home to the point of not being able to use certain rooms.

As simple as it sounds, it actually goes much deeper. Most often these people are unable to return or let go of something they have acquired and as a result, are usually unable to form and sustain healthy relationships with others. Also many are unable to function in daily activities, such as work – the lack of organization and structure will eventually affect their daily functions as well as impulsive and extreme shopping – they will buy several colors of the same item. Some even possess a lack of decision-making skills and will be unable to decide what they want.

Here are some steps to avoid hoarding:

✓ Have a time-frame for objects that may carry sentimental value and once the expiry date has reached, give the item away or throw it away.
✓ When purchasing something new, always give an older item away to maintain a balance.
✓ Have a use-by date for things, those that haven’t been used can be gotten rid of.
✓ It helps to donate things to others who may need them rather than throwing things out.
✓ When shopping, take a friend with you to keep you in check.