Is Your Teenager Stressed out?

With increased competition in school and the unsurpassed social media pressures, teenagers these days are facing more stress than ever before. Here are some of the most common signs of stress to watch out for.

1) Change of behavior. Even though spending more time with friends is common amongst teens, avoiding parents completely can be a warning sign.

2) Repeated episodes of physical illness and headaches are another sign that a teen is struggling with high levels of stress.

3) Further, the teen’s interaction with friends, teachers and other family members could be another indication, hence it is important for parents to watch for acting out behaviors.

4) Finally, teens express their stress in sentencessuch as “I am not smart”“I don’t have friends”“No one likes me,” parents should try to tune into the dialogue and help their child manage the stress.

(Credit: Reem Shaheen, Adult Counseling Psychologist. Addiction and Eating disorders Specialist)