Left Brain Vs. Right Brain: Myth or Reality?

The belief that the right brain is the reason behind creativity in humans while the left brain helps in logical decision making is pure hokum. Read on to know why.


R.L. Stevenson’s classic “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide” was one of the first books that had explored the myth showing the duality of human nature based on their brain.

So what did this myth originate from?

Apparently, the myth is rooted in a research done by Roger Sperry that had also won him the Nobel Prize in the 1960s. For the analysis, Dr. Sperry had studied several epilepsy patients with just one hemisphere of the brain, the other being severed for therapeutic purposes. It was this method that helped him prove that the different parts of the brain functioned differently.

This fact was taken up by pop-sci, and the quiz masters made it into a myth about the right half of the brain being allegedly “emotional” while the left was the “logical” half.

How was the myth busted?

The myth was finally busted when in a study conducted by the University of Utah in 2013 found no fact supporting the claim. The research had brought to light the fact that although some people (out of the 1000 subjects) had a more methodical and logical approach while others had a more creative and spontaneous style, this had nothing to do with the functions of the left and right hemisphere of the human brain.

So what is the bottom line?

The right vs. left brained traits is pure hokum without any findings by the neuroscientific community to support the theory.

Author Bio: Marceline Joseph is an online educator, programmer and an academic writer associated with Assignment Help Company.