Make Yourself Happy

Happiness is a subjective experience which may be defined in several different ways, however some common factors which influence our impression of happiness are: having close loving relationships with others, experiencing joy, being able to work towards and achieve our goals, believing there is meaning in our actions and lives, and living by a code or values we believe in. These factors can create contentment or subjective wellbeing which people may refer to as happiness.

Steps to Achieving Happiness

1.Identify self-limiting beliefs. The first step to independence is figuring out what part of you is getting in the way of yourself. What negative thoughts, or self-limiting beliefs do you have that won’t allow you to take control of your life?

2.Education- whether it is a vocational skill or a college degree, it is important for you to feel like you can go out and work if you needed to. This sense of self-reliance goes hand in hand with independence.

3.Social supports. No matter how self-sufficient you become financially, you need an encouraging social support system that will only boost your sense of independence. We are social beings, and can only be happy in social systems, you cannot escape that.

4.Cut costs, and save: Have a savings account that you can access in times of trouble. Feeling financial secure is a big part of feeling independent.

(Credit: Dr. Saliha Afridi, Clinical Psychologist at Lighthouse Arabia)