Making the Most of Being Alone

Being single has its own set of advantages but statistics show that its holiday time that hits the hardest. But being alone during the summer holidays can definitely have a bright side, depending on what you make of it. So now is the time to shift your perspective on what the summer holiday season means for you, as a single, to help you cope better.

Seek out an alternative family: Quite often, friends become closer than family; and when they do, create that new family bond. Reach out to those who equally maybe single or don’t have any plans. Create new experiences by planning events or outings with them. If you don’t have this circle of friends, reach out to colleagues or other associates.

Make a list: This is a good time to try out some small, but interesting adventures you may not otherwise have time for. Always wanted to try skydiving? Go for it. Even smaller things such as visiting a new restaurant, joining a gym, reading a new book, or visiting another emirate over the weekend can all leave a positive and lasting impression, not to mention memories to last a lifetime.

Create realistic expectations: Adjust your philosophy on what the summer holiday season means for you. By removing the unrealistic expectations, you free yourself of anxiety and stress. Take this time to be of service to someone else who may be less fortunate than you are. Feed the homeless or visit a shelter to help shift your mindset of being alone during the holidays.

Travel: Take the summer holiday as an opportunity to travel abroad. Fill your calendar with places to go, things to do and people to see. View the world as being a phenomenal place and expand your horizons with experiences that can make you excited and even more grateful that you’re able to enjoy life.