The Brain and Gut Bacteria

Did you know that our brain and our gut are in sync? The two are connected by our nervous system which transfers bacteria from the gut to our brain. We actually have more bacteria in our bodies than cells and so bacteria have an immense

Picnic Pantry at The Crowne Plaza Hotel at Dubai Festival City

A picnic paradise awaits you at level 5 of The Crowne Plaza Hotel at Dubai Festival City—Picnic Pantry is that perfect place with a reimagined brunch—with picnic benches and umbrella awnings as well as cozy grass seating complete with bean bags, cushions, and mats, the

Why All of Us Need to Chill Out Sometimes

While Dubai is the ultimate work hard play hard city, lots of us are forgetting the play part and instead, keep on working as hard as we possibly can until either we get ill or suffer from burn out. The race According to Nic Woodthorpe

Getting the Look You Want with Volume Salon

Open for two years, Volume Salon in Dubai is a full service salon that not only takes care of your hair needs, but offers lash extensions, makeup, and expert nail care, alongside all other full beauty services. A little back story: I am constantly changing

World Autism Day: Viewing the World Differently

With April 2 being recognized internationally as World Autism Day, it’s time to truly understand and recognize what autism is and work towards increased inclusion across all levels of society. What it is Autism is a serious, lifelong developmental disorder described by substantial impairments in

Why Journaling Can Help Infuse Gratitude and Joy into Your Life

Intention and gratitude are very important and Dr. Tara Wyne, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director at Lighthouse Arabia explains why she is a great believer in journaling and committing intentions to paper. How it can help With a journal, it almost feels like we are

Join the Gastronomic Carnival at Signature’s Friday Brunch

Take a gastronomic journey through India’s street carnivals and fun fairs with the recently launched Friday brunch at Sanjeev Kapoor’s Signature restaurant in the Canvas Hotel, Dubai. From the moment you get off the elevator, you enter a carnival-like ambiance with brightly lit trolleys borrowed

The New IVF Treatment and its Benefits

Advancements in reproductive medicine have made it possible for people who were unable to have children because of some underlying issues to finally to have them. The new IVF treatment allows the female reproductive cells to be fertilized inside the womb rather than in the

Are You Trying to be Too Healthy?

Are You Trying to be Too Healthy? From avoiding carbs, gluten, wheat, and refined sugars to sticking to a Keto diet or calorie-counting, many of us who do our best to stay healthy by eating right don’t realize that this too can go into extremes

Women Must Make Time for Themselves

Women usually put themselves last on the list of priorities, often resulting in anxiety, stress, and fatigue. Here are just of the reasons women must  make time for themselves for optimal well-being.   Nature versus Nurture According to Lisa Laws at Lisa Laws Coaching, many