Beauty Hacks to Get You Party Ready Instantly

With the party season just around the corner, ithelps to have some quick tips on hand to help you get ready on the go instantly. Check out these beauty hacks to get you party ready in just 30 minutes. Don’t Forget Your Brows and Lashes

On World Stroke Day—Understanding the Facts About Stroke

World Stroke Day falls on October 29 and understanding the facts about it are imperative as 15 million people a year suffer a stroke worldwide, so it is a good idea to know the signs and symptoms of a stroke so that you may be

5 Common Health Problems that a Chiropractor Can Treat

What comes to your mind when you think of a chiropractor? Do you picture painful spinal realignments and gruesome techniques? Well, most people assume that a chiropractor’s office is only for muscle or bone problems. However, there is a huge variety of ailments that a

How to Avoid the Dubai Waist-line Boom Effect

Dubai is famous for the superlative lifestyle it offers—from the biggest malls to a plethora of gastronomic venues to please just about any kind of palette. Yet with this often comes the Dubai Waist-Line Boom effect; to help, Dubai’s highest paid trainer Amir Siddiqui at

Do you Thrive on Stress?

Stress has become today’s benchmark of success—if you don’t have stress, there must be something lacking in your life since everyone who is successful is stressed. But this mentality can take a serious toll on your well-being. Skewed Thinking By being super busy, constantly answering

The Essentials of Reading Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories have long been known to strengthen bonds between parents and their children. Reading stories to children is also an effective way to get them to fall asleep. However, this favorite bedtime routine also has other special powers one of which is a boost

Osaka Meets Dubai at Spheerz in The Marina Cubes

Located at the Mina Rashid Marina— Spheerz is situated at the site of one of Dubai’s largest harbors—Marina Cubes, and is the city’s latest seaside destination complete with niche, industrial designed eateries dotting the tranquil streets. Spheerz first emerged on Dubai’s foodie scene at Global

What is Social Media Etiquette?

From Twitter and Snapchat to Instagram, our dependence on social media is showing no signs of dwindling. Yet many of us forget that social media also has a set of preferred social etiquettes that are reflective of the daily etiquettes we apply. For this, Etiquette

Glow Get ‘em

Spring, summer, winter, fall, who is the most radiant of them all? Let’s be honest, is there a time of year when we don’t strive for luminosity in our skin? Here’s how to achieve that effortless ‘I woke-up like this’ kind of fresh-faced glow, just

Hair Woes in Teenagers

With today’s fast paced lifestyles, hair loss and thinning is no longer a middle- age problem. The same problems are plaguing a growing number of young people. The experts at Advanced Hair Studios reveal their top tips to help your teenager maintain shiny, healthy hair.