Skin Care Trends in the UAE

With a predominantly hot climate fuelled by a heavy reliance on air conditioning, the UAE is unique when it comes to taking optimal care of our skin. Here Dr. Hassan Galadari, Professor of Dermatology at the UAE University, Consultant Dermatologist and Head of Scientific Committee,

Cupping Therapy—an Ancient Art of Healing

Cupping therapy, otherwise known as Hijama therapy is an age-long therapy involving the use of special cups to create suctions on the skin and subsequently get rid of toxins from the body. During a cupping procedure, negative pressures are used to loosen muscles, encourage blood

The Side Effects of Sugar

Sugar is getting a lot of bad rap these days, and it’s not surprising as sugar not only contributes to weight gain and obesity, but also to diabetes. Read on to learn more. The fact is that the body changes sugar into two to five

Chinese Medicine is Gaining Popularity in the UAE

Chinese medicine is used as an alternative to modern medicines in the UAE. These include acupuncture, herbal treatments, and manipulative therapy combined with acupuncture. These treatments have been perfected and used for more than 2,500 years. This makes them popular in the UAE; in fact,

What Are You Doing About Adult Acne?

For teens, acne is sort of a rite of passage but for women—especially those who start breaking out for the first time as adults—they can get quite upset by it. Whether you are prone to the occasional pimple or are experiencing a more serious skin

Keeping Pets Helps Boost Well-Being

It’s no secret that keeping a pet, whether that be a dog or a cat, not only increases our feelings of happiness, but can help encourage us to exercise and stay healthier. Pets spend their entire lives loyally at their owners’ sides, keeping them active

An Afternoon of Fun and Feasting at Ajman Hotel

A hugely popular Friday brunch, located at The Ajman Hotel and hosted by Sabella’s Italian restaurant, there is undoubtedly something for everyone here and is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon on the beachside. There is an outdoor live barbeque station with a variety

Creative Ways to Deal with Stress

All of us have some kind of work related stress, but it’s how we deal with it that can make a difference in our well-being. Clinical Psychologist Dr. Saliha Afridi reveals creative ways to manage stress. Get a coloring book and take 10 to 15

Botox, Protein, Keratin: what everyone should know before hair straightening

The hair industry is coming up with new ‘revolutionary’ hair treatments every year and it’s sometimes difficult to stay on top of the game with these. How can we find treatments that are actually good for us? Permanent hair straightening is one of the latest

Kids Refusing to Go to School

All parents have experienced this at one time or another—where a child just refuses to go to school without really explaining the reasons. Here, Dr. Nakita O’Leary, Clinical Psychologist offers solutions. Protect some time to talk: Children often express their reluctance go to school in