The Health Benefits of Cleaning Your Upholstery (Sofa)

If you want to keep doctors’ away from your family, then you have to keep your upholstered furniture clean at all times. Is it enough to do vacuuming in order to cleanse your home? I am afraid not. As a matter of fact, in your

Roti Rollers Brings the Flavors of South Asia to La Mer in Dubai

Situated in La Mer, Dubai, Roti Rollers is a delightful eatery that brings the flavors of the Subcontinent to Dubai, but with a twist. The eatery has a core focus of serving healthy, yet typically Indian styled street snacks in a really imaginative and innovative

12 Ways to Have Healthy Sleep

According to the current research, in 2015, Americans spent about $41 billion on sleep aids. By 2020, this number is expected to exceed to $52 billion. Due to the overuse of coffee and electronic devices, many are finding it difficult to experience sound sleep. Read

Reasons Being Creative Will Make You Happier As You Grow Older

Oscar-nominated screenwriter Millard Kaufman wrote his first novel, Bowl of Cherries, at the age of 90. Benjamin Franklin was 78 when he invented the bifocal lens. Clearly, creativity and aging aren’t always mutually exclusive. Award-winning author and poet Piero Rivolta, 77, enjoyed successful careers in

Make These Fitness Resolutions Now

2019 is here and that means lots of resolutions, including losing weight for many of us. But finding a routine and sticking to it can be challenging. Here celebrity fitness trainer Tracey Mallett provides her tips to help. Tip: You should be exercising at least

Do You Suffer with Common Sleep Disruptors?

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep to be productive and to be optimally healthy; yet some simple things you may be doing could be hindering your chances of achieving this. Here are some common sleep disruptors and how to correct these. Not Exercising Did you

Brunching at Chival Global Social At La Ville Hotel

Chival Global Social at City Walk, Dubai prides itself on espousing the latest new social and cosmopolitan setting with a core focus on healthy and carefully sourced produce. Their menus reflect the carefully sought and wherever possible, locally sourced high-quality ingredients from the region, served

Taking Precaution for Children During High-Intensity Sports and Play

In a digital era, these days parents are encouraging their children to play outdoors to help stay healthy, active and boost resilience. The flip side of this is that vigorous physical activities may trigger a fracture which is common in childhood. Injuries caused by sports and

Intermittent Fasting; Why is it Beneficial?

It seems like researchers and health writers are constantly finding more benefits of intermittent fasting: weight loss, reduction in diabetes risk, protection from heart disease, increased energy, improved brain health, and more. At its root, the way intermittent fasting works is very simple. A person

Home Style Meals at 360 Café Bistro at Century Village in Dubai

Located at Century Village—one of my absolute favorite dining venues in Dubai—360 Café Bistro is a cozy café that serves up some home style food in a European ambiance. Being a chilly day (a treat in Dubai), we opted to sit al fresco on their