Getting into the Festive Groove…MAC’s Global Senior Artist for the Middle East Mariam Khairallah Reveals More…

Going from the office to a festive party is an art form in and of itself. Meet MAC’s Global Senior Artist for the Middle East Mariam Khairallah who tells how it can be done effortlessly. Q) What is this season’s festive look all about? “This

Looking for the Ideal Family Dentist? Look Out for These Four Factors

Dentists play a major role in your day-to-day life. They have been known to cure dental disorders. However, before you hire any dentist, you need to be looking out for the following things: 1.Personal needs On a personal level, why are you looking for a

Getting the Lashes You Have Always Dreamed Of…

All women aspire to have long, swoon-worthy lashes but most of us just aren’t blessed to have this naturally. But Michaela Boyanova, an international trainer in lash extensions and brow design is a lash expert and owner of Volume Lashes Bulgaria Academy as well her

The Key to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep is All in the Mattress

Simon Moore, head of buying and marketing at helmii, the UAE’s first online store for customized beds, says the key to a good night’s sleep is all in the mattress. 1. Try it before you buy it. Some mattress manufacturers will allow you a test-sleep

Why Homework for Kids is a Valuable Asset to Life Lessons for the Future

You might now be asking yourself if homework assignments do really help children learn, and how you can manage to make it a positive and successful experience. Homework can have many benefits for young children. It not only improves remembering and understanding of schoolwork, but

Tips for Moving out of Your Apartment or Villa

They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life, so if you are planning a move, read on as Marc Daly, general manager of leading UAE-based property maintenance company, mplus+ reveals his top tips on what to

The Must-Dos for Contact Lens Wearers at the Office to Maintain Optimal Eye Health

Offices in the UAE often have the air-conditioner on over-drive which can cause very dry eyes. Hours at our desk staring at computer screen can further stress our eyes leading to head-aches or worse yet, migraines for some. But there are some simple ways to

A Runners Guide to Surfaces

Whether for fitness, weight-loss, or just to enjoy being outdoors, as the weather cools down, some of us will head out for a run. But understanding the kind of ground you run on can help you stay injury-free. Running track More cushioned than tarmac, synthetic

Preventing Obesity in Teenage Years

Teenage years can be a critical period for many kids; at this time they experience changes in their body and emotions. Excess weight and obesity can have major consequences on their social, psychological and physical health. To prevent this, the support of the family is

Learning to Say NO

It sounds harsh, but learning where and when to say no is an art form that should be learned and cultivated. Here are some ways to say a firm, but polite no without coming across as aggressive or non-cooperative. As this is a learned behaviour,