The Implications of Food Allergies

Food allergies are becoming increasingly more common with everything from eggs to nuts being on the danger list. Here, Dr. Sandra Hong, M.D., an allergist at Cleveland Clinic explains the implications of food allergies. What are food allergies? A food allergy is a reaction by

The Year of Tolerance Iftar at Fairmont Hotel, Dubai

Every Ramadan, Fairmont Dubai hosts the most beautiful iftar at the only indoor Ramadan tent on Sheikh Zayed Road. This year it lauds the Year of Tolerance with a celebratory iftar which showcases a daily rotating assortment of salads, mains, soups, mezze, breads, and a

Are You Suffering from Heel and Back Pain in Ramadan? Here’s Help…

In Ramadan, there are a multitude of shifts and changes, in our diet, our lifestyle, and our sleep patterns. Sometimes it can lead to lower back pain and even heel pain. Here are some tips to help. Be sure to consume ample amounts of water

10 Things to Know about Medical Treatment in Dubai

The health sector in Dubai comprises of many public and private hospitals equipped with the latest technology and qualified physicians. The government supports this sector by ensuring that everybody gets access to medical care. Improvements in Medical Treatment UAE’s health sector is sophisticated with state

A Farzified Iftar Experience at Farzi Café

An already well-known culinary brand in Dubai, Farzi Café merges the best of Indian classics with modern presentation and global culinary techniques amidst a quirky, contemporary ambiance in the middle of City Walk, Dubai. Farzi Café has a brand new iftar menu that is not

How Doing Good Can Do You Good

Whether it’s an act of service or giving a meal to a needy person, did you know that doing good can actually do you good in so many ways? To clarify, Dr. Najem Al-Falahe, Consultant Psychiatrist and Neurophysiologist—based in London’s Harley Street Medical district, tells

Must-follow Foot Care Tips for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes can be extremely dangerous for your feet since even a small injury can result in serious consequences. Common foot problems such as corns, calluses, cracked heels, and so on, can trigger infections which get difficult to treat due to the reduced blood flow in

Start Moving More at Work

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), sitting for extended periods can increase your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. If you don’t have much free time during the work day, whether at the office or working remotely, these tips from global

Trèsind Introduces their Exclusive Indian Steakhouse Themed Iftar

Iftar takes on new meaning at Trèsind with their latest Steakhouse themed iftar. Trèsind is the unparalleled pioneer in Dubai’s innovative Indian fine dining gastronomy scene and never fails to impress with their constant reinvention of modern Indian cuisine, use of ingredients, and presentation. The

Stay Lean and Healthy with these Diet Habits

With the huge amount of fad diets, quick fixes, and dietary dogma out there, most people are left confused about which diet is right for them. Read more about the core healthy habits that are simple, effective, and can be applied to any way of