Perfect Brows… All the Time

Having perfectly shaped and groomed brows all the time without the usual eyebrow pencils, waxes, gels and mascaras to help sounded too good to be true. So when I was invited to Browz— the first and only dedicated to brows center in Dubai—I knew I had to try it.

Chloe Walsh is a pioneer in eyebrows in Dubai and her being my brow therapist, meant I was in very good hands. After the first dose of numbing cream, she measured my brows, carefully assessed the shape and the color, and drew them in. Together we checked them and selected two shades of ash brown to give a more natural effect. Chloe clarified this technique is not tattooing, but rather is depositing color on the skin using strokes that look exactly like our natural hair with results that last for about a year.

After the Emla had sent in, she did the initial deposit of color, followed by the second round where she went over the areas, deftly adding small strokes.

Results: My eyebrows instantly looked fuller and thicker and the tiny gaps were filled in. Fluffy Brows is a must-do treatment for busy ladies who want low maintenance brows all the time.