Post Pregnancy Aspirations

Let’s face it, after your bundle of joy arrives, post pregnancy, it’s natural to struggle with weight gain and the other changes associated with hormonal fluctuations. Use these tips to help you regain your confidence.

Don’t jump into it. For example, start off with daily walks and gradually increase the distance and duration.

Set a goal “In six months I will be in better shape than I was before my pregnancy”. This goal setting is very important as it paces you for a realistic objective.

Drink plenty of fluids especially water. If you are breast feeding this is especially true. Avoid all sodas (including diet sodas) and fresh juices – these contain too much sugar.

Take time out to work on one favorite activity you really enjoy; whether that is yoga or swimming.

Stay positive; with the right attitude you can achieve your goal.

Make healthy changes in your diet for yourself and your family. Start eating more fruits and vegetables, add whole grains and avoid processed foods altogether.