How to Prevent the Most Common Sports Injuries

Sports positively impacts both children and adults, providing opportunities to get some exercise, spend good time with family and friends, staying in a healthy environment and thus easing every day stress. Yet despite all the very many benefits, sports are also the leading cause of injury in young people. These injuries can have both long-term and short-term consequences on the health.

So, what is step one when it comes to learning more about prevention? Simple; athletes and players should be more aware and knowledgeable of the long-term effect of an injury. Saying so, many of these injuries are preventable. The most important factor is to stretch the muscles properly before starting a game. Warming up muscles and then stretching ensure that there is no sudden shock in the body; this is one of the major causes of sprains and strains, the most common type of sports injury. Strains can be minor or severe depending on the incident and is usually treated differently in each case. The next most frequent complaints are knee problems. There can be severe dislocations or collision during the activity. It is always prescribed to wear proper protective gear that fits well.

Repeated stress on the bone or a one-time severe blow can also cause a broken bone, in other words, a fracture. Healthy bones and proper rest and sports gear can always be linked to decreasing the chances of a fracture. Another cause of fractures could be excess weight that results in additional pressure on the joints and bones, making them more apt for injury. Ensuring healthy weight along with a good intake of calcium shows positive results in the long run.

Last, but not the least, dislocations occur when a force pushes the bones in a joint out of alignment. Once a particular joint is dislocated, there are chances that it may dislocate again. It is always advised to wear proper protective gear and to engage in strength and stability exercises as recommended by the doctor or physical therapist.

Credit: Dr. Adel Roujoula, specialist physical therapist at Illinois Poly Clinic Dubai 04 349 9977