Protect Your Eyes this Summer with these Easy Hacks

With scorching heat and excessive sunlight, taking care of your eyes during the summer can be a challenge. Here are some simple, yet effective hacks to protect your eyes this summer.

Make a habit of washing your hands: Washing your hands is essential and helps to avoid the contraction of eye-related conditions such as conjunctivitis.

Maintain a good diet: Eat fruits, which have plenty of water content, and avoid aerated drinks that tend to cause dry eye syndrome.

Use eye drops: Use lubricating drops to prevent your eyes from becoming itchy. In addition, use eye masks to keep eyes fresh and cool.

Wear the correct eyewear: Making sure your sunglasses provide adequate UVA/UVB protection is paramount. Consider sunglasses an investment, not just a fashion statement.

(Credit: Dr. Sandip Mitra, specialist ophthalmologist at Emirates Hospital Day Surgery and Medical Center – Motorcity)