Raising a Happy and Well-Balanced Only Child

A few years after you have had your first child, people may stop you and ask when you are planning the next baby. Mention you may just not have any more children and you may be met with pity or envy, but nowadays to have an only child is a matter of preference. In general terms, parents can consciously take a decision of having an only child, depending on the couple’s financial situation and personal choices.

Tips for raising a well-balanced and happy only child

• One of the most important factors is a good and positive parenting style. Parents need to find the right balance between ’couple time’ and ‘family time.’

• It is constructive for the only child to interact with children at home and school as they learn to interact with other children in different

environments. He/she will also learn social skills required out of the home.

• Group activities such as team sports and music bands are helpful when learning to interact in a group.