Stay Healthy During Your Holiday

The last thing you need while visiting family or hiking mountains during your summer holiday is having to deal with fever, tummy cramps, diarrhea, and sickness. This can all be easily avoided with the following tips:

Hand hygiene: washing your hands and using sanitizing alcohol gels, when washing facilities are not available, can help avoid infection through bacteria.

Water hygiene: drinking purified ‘safe water’ is very important when travelling. Wherever bottled clean water is not available, travellers must be mindful of other purifying processes such as boiling and purifying water through filters

Food hygiene: food should be prepared using only ‘safe water’. Avoid having raw foods such as salads and fruits from restaurants where the food hygiene is not guaranteed.

Following these tips can help travellers avoid gastroenteritis, as well as more serious illnesses such as typhoid and salmonella.

(Credit: SHAMMA Clinic proves an invaluable resource to Dubai families for care advice and tips for all.