Summer Beard Care Startup Guide

Summer is an intense time in terms of beard care because the heat and the strong UV rays can dry out your facial hair. Proper beard care for the summer is an absolute must, and it starts with grabbing the right products.

1. Get quality beard oil

If your beard is longer than 5mm, you need to be hydrating with beard oil. A moisturizer would not do the trick because it will not penetrate through the hair and reach the skin underneath. Oil can and does that well. Look for beard oils with ingredients such as Vitamin E, jojoba, rosemary, cedar wood, argan, and even lavender.

2. Towel dry after showering

This is a general beard care tip, but it is especially crucial during those hot summer months. After showering, do not use a blow-dryer to dry your beard. Instead, gently pat your mane with a towel and brush it with your beard comb afterwards. This will keep your beard from developing knots and potentially ingrown hairs.

3. Trim often and evenly

Trimming your beard during the summer will be the best thing you can do. Keeping an even length throughout is essential for keeping it growing properly if need be, as well as just generally looking good. You will of course need a great beard trimmer to trim well, so avoid the cheap ones with poor quality blades and choose a quality one instead.