Summer Holidays Weight Loss

During the summer holidays, we may let go of our rigid dieting and exercise routines, resulting in a few added kilos here and there. Avoid the urge to crash diet and instead, follow these strategies for sensible weight loss.

Shake it Up

Surprisingly, experts says that it’s harder to lose those few kilos you put on during the holidays because your body gets used to the reduced calorie levels and adapts your metabolic rate accordingly. Also, if you are doing the same workout routine again and again, your brain stops paying attention and the exercises become less effective. So the best way to avoid this is to shake up your routine by changing the sequence of the exercises can make your workout more effective again.

Make a Note

Another easy, but effective way to monitor those last few kilos is to note down what you eat in a food diary. This can keep you focused on what you are eating and make you think twice before you reach for that second slice of pizza.