The 4 K-Beauty Must-Haves You Need Right Now for Gorgeous Skin

Jude Chao, also known as ‘Fiddy Snails’ on cyber space, is a K-beauty expert whose blog ‘Fifty Shades of Snail’ has taken K-beauty to the next level. Here she reveals the must-haves in K-beauty for youthful, supple, and swoon worthy skin.

1. A good oil-based first cleanser to use before cleansing at night. Korean cleansing oils and cleansing balms quickly lift all traces of makeup and sunscreen, then emulsify with water to rinse everything away without irritation. One that is very popular among our team is SanDaWha Natural Mild Cleansing Oil
(, which is 61 percent camellia oil and removes even waterproof mascara easily.

2. A humectant-packed hydrating toner to immediately plump up skin after cleansing.The famous glow that Korean celebrities and skin stars achieve is due to very well hydrated skin: skin whose upper layers hold plenty of water looks smoother and gives off a more dewy, radiant, and youthful glow. I am a huge fan of seaNtree Donkey Milk Waterising Toner
(, which hydrates and contains donkey milk, which contributes lipids to smooth and strengthen the outer barrier of skin. On the luxury side of things, I’m also a huge fan of Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Water EX
(, which calms redness and evens out skin tone beautifully with consistent use!

3. A good stock of sheet masks. I use a sheet mask almost every night: they keep skin at maximum hydration, and hydrated skin stays healthier and looks much more smooth and radiant. Unfortunately, while sheet masks are becoming common even in Western drugstores, I’ve found that many of the sheet mask brands available in chain stores are pretty mediocre in materials, ingredients, and effects. Not all sheet masks are equally effective or comfortable to use. I love the sheet masks by Wonjin Effect ( The multi-step masks from this brand are perfect for travel, too.

4. A good sunscreen. Daily sunscreen is your first and best defense against many skin concerns, including premature aging and hyper pigmentation. Forget about the thick, pasty, sticky, and oily-feeling sunscreens that you may be used to from mass-market Western brands. Korean brands have gotten incredible at producing ultra-light yet high-protection sunscreens that feel like next to nothing on the skin, with no white cast whatsoever. My current favorite is seaNtree Donkey Milk Waterful Sunblock ( At SPF 50+, it protects strongly against UVB radiation, and the PA++++ rating indicates that it also offers the highest range of UVA protection.