The Ultimate Mini-Mane Makeover with Hair Contouring

Hair contouring is a new technique that is not only quick, but gives instant oomph to your look in just a little over an hour. Tips & Toes has launched this cutting edge ‘Express Hair Contouring’ service, which takes just a little over an hour. I was invited to the Dubai Festival City branch of Tips & Toes to try it out and here’s how it went.

Senior stylist Cynthia explained the concept which is basically similar to face contouring in that using specific shades of color in the crown area of the head which results in an understated transformation of the hair. It can add depth, movement, trim a broad face, or even add the look of volume.

She explained there are four kinds of techniques they are doing in hair contouring: ‘Moscow’ which uses an ‘M’ design to add color, ‘Bali’ for Balayage, ‘Tokyo’which is a zigzag of color (and the one I was doing), and ‘Venice’, a subtle wave of color in the crown.

Color is not applied on top of the crown, but rather, underneath so the look is not obvious, but very subtle. She first sectioned my hair in a zigzag at the crown and the divided these. For the color, we had together opted for number 8 which is ash blond. With only four foils and after just 10 minutes, this was toned over the sink, shampooed, and conditioned out. Then with the blow-dry, I was in and out of the chair in just over 60 minutes with a new look that was subtle, but added an instant wow factor.

The result: A must-do for super busy women. Pop in during your lunch break and get a whole new mini makeover with hair contouring and see the difference it makes.

Where: Tips & Toes DFC