Three Reasons to Use Face Oil

Face oils are a huge trend and despite the wide assortment of natural face oils available out there, there are still many people who believe using oil on their face will cause a breakout of clogged pores. Here are some key reasons you need to include face oil in your skincare routine.

For Cleansing

Include a two-step cleansing program like the Koreans do and watch your skin glow. Simply massage on some good quality face oil and add water to emulsify. Use a cotton pad to remove and then rinse off with your favorite foamy cleanser.

As a Makeup Primer

Not only do most primers contain chemicals that clog pores, but can be heavy over time. Instead, apply a thin layer of face oil after your sunscreen and wait a few moments to apply your makeup for a super smooth application.

Use it as a Moisturizer

For night, a good quality natural face oil is the ideal last step moisturizer to protect your skin while you sleep and promote hydration. Apply a thin layer after you have applied your other skincare products and when you wake up in the morning, you will see a completely refreshed and hydrated visage.