Tools to Beat the Dubai Waist-Line

Impact Dubai’s eateries, restaurants, and overall food scene are renowned for being top notch. Yet with all of this comes the risk of on expanding waistline. The following are an expert’s tools to combat the Dubai waist-line impact.

Stop the Low Carbs

Remember, you need carbohydrates to fuel your workouts as well as maintain your mood through the maintenance of healthy neurotransmitter levels. Going low carb triggers mood fluctuations, causes energy dips, and sometimes enables brain fog. The key to diet is calorie control not focusing on only carbohydrates. The caloric theory is still the most practical theory when creating a fat loss plan. As an approximate guide – you should not be taking in more than 12 calories per 2.2 kilograms of body weight if your goal is permanent fat loss.

Do Hard Exercise

Exercise hard for a minimum of three times a week and a maximum of five times a week, if you have the time. The two primary variables to consider areintensity and frequency. Basically, intensity is the ability to work hard; basically do each set (except the warm-up sets) to concentric muscular failure. So basically, each set should be stopped when you can no longer do a quality repetition.

Frequency is the number of sessions per week for movement pattern or body part. Trying to get in three full body workouts per week is about ideal for most healthy beginners and this includes the learning component of movement execution and motor unit recruitment which not only optimizes strength gains, it also covers the metabolic demand needs and caloric expenditure requirement to see fat loss.

(Written by: Amir Siddiqui, Owner of Symmetry Gym Dubai)